Science Fiction roman

Space Command devises star-travel to the All-Creator
A report from Agent-X

Start Telex:Danger on earth:Request support:End Telex

Sending the telex, we acknowledged that our support should
come in time, because the race we belong to is fast and vicious

Our race as the reigning representation in this democratic
elected period, was known for vivid, fast and crude intervention.

The telex was a mere proof of the fact that we did not,
at front estimated the severe height of riots.

As we with a group of agents were arriving on this planet,
The planet was a peacefull one from the distant space
of our home star.

But as soon as we landed we saw a technological
kind of an advanced shield barrier, which blocked
all the radiological communication.

We landed and were in good mood to handle this planet,
But on the ground, their aggressiveness was fierce,
And the agents with the task to military support
the crew was within a couple of hours depleted in
the energy to give crossfire as defense.

And all the kinds of favor,
when an agent is without energy,
there is no use to alternate defenses.

As the telex for support was send,
as with the basic rule of a double hour response time,
we had to stand ground untill they would arrive.

In the meantime, we studied the planet on
biological and electromechanical characteristics

The agent studied in biological sciences,
saw a layered and diverted hierarchical composition,
but no proof of the technological advancements.

The other agent studied in electromechanical sciences,
Did see no proof either of the source of their
advanced civilisation.

As the double hour response time was initiated,
the military service of the home star,
drew a line of energy to give the needfull source
to give the military agents the power for
defensive crossfire.

As with our own knowledge, a line of energy
to give intermediate force, is a simple
technology, with the byproduct that
anyone in the surrounding region,
would see the beam passing by or passing through.

Which is a sloppy solution, and only a method
if danger is severe and needs quick intervention.

The beam, accepted by the energy compliant,
and diverted to the energy weapons,
was immediately used for defense.

The biological agent, and the physics agent
continued there study,
and saw three distinguished forms of proliferation
into a higher evolved species.

As there are ten different features to analyse a
specie able for intelligent behaviour.

And the biological agent can discover five of them,
the physics agent can discover three,
and the way of a defense for a specie discovers two.

Biological, intelligent behaviour,
is able to reflect their own behaviour with the
prerequisite that at a brain scan, the reflective
act activates each time the same part.

The second one is, for intelligent behaviour,
that child birth ought to be independent of
present weather and situational deformations.

The third to see intelligent behaviour is
asynchronous food searching.
As every specie has the shortest way to
receive food, or to create it,
intelligence is able to search of get food
in a non linear and non directive way.

The fourth intrument for seeing intelligence,
is the need for sleep, and the method to
use it for collective immantent knowledge transfer.
This means, to compare, sometimes one gets a
deja vu experience, and with the sleep of
exchanging information, one gets
the next day knowledge to intercept
certain events, presupposed,
a determined action.

The biological agent, as a predetermined example of
vivifying science, and four examples of
a higher analysation, continued his task.

The physics agent, as a abbreviation for
an agent studied in electronics, in mechanics,
and the combination a technology used for
either making things invisible, or making things
to aid and support the living.

The physics agent, who can see three features of
intelligent behaviour, does not test by the
subject and the process but by the result and
the effect of a certain influence.

The first one, a radiological shield,
is not discovered by absence of it,
but by the improved silence,
as even a primitive planet gives a
level of noise. and a deep silence on
radio waves on a planet, gives the
idea that a shield is apparent.

The second one is the use of raw materials,
by which a system of refunding earth is
a basis of using it for sciences.
By which a electronic device,
as materials are used, in a process of
recombination remakes the repleted materials,
by a molecule-composer.

The third one, which is for all agents an
easy one, is the use of creating
structures for a conditioned home, and
a conditioned way of living.
Which is not only clean air,
but also when a crude atmosphere is
a strong enemy, to have conditioned
regions. for example on a planet is
more than two hundred degrees celsius,
a conditioned region, represses it to
fourty degrees celsius, and the sun
as source of the heat is filtered to
an acceptable range.

The third way of analysing a specie
an intelligent one, is by the level of defense.

And in short, when energy is used in direct frontal
beams, being laser, being sub-plasma, or
by gravitational difference.

Or when defense is by blocking magnetics for
metal opposing, or by energy overloading
for blocking energy weapons.
And third, a good one, is the use of
mindaltering drugs, giving mindpower to
at distance give pression.

This last one, is defined by the mind,
being able to look or be aware on a spot far away.
Being able to look at a real situation far away.
and by pression, able to influence.
This has an advantage that the mindfull person
or being can be in body far away, and is
in his own life not in danger.
except when a mind-appearance is being killed
by the pression of one other, the mindfull person,
can never use the mind again.

As a description of these agents and their
methods to analyese other intelligent species,
and the time they used to by crossfire give lenght
to their intervention on this planet they
call earth.

The military agents, who did have received new energy,
allthough the beam through space was a primitive one.
continued their crossfire to give the support their
time to travel the large distance.

Travelling through space was not dependent on time,
because a large or small distance, was the difference
of entering subtime and leaving subtime,
and the distance travelled in between was only a matter of
half a second.

But entering and leaving subtime, was bound to conditions,
first of having the image of the object being sent,
in a subtle and causal way,
and second to move it into subtime in a slow way.

As an example, entering in subtime is like flying
in the range of a black hole,
and the faster you fly past it, the force of it,
pulls the object to it.
And when slow flying past it, gives a easy force

As with entering and leaving subtime,
a the period of travelling when immersed in
time, does not take any real time.
And the leaving of subtime, as with a
cause without cause is dependend on
the portal which is part of the ship
or flying object.

Some philosophers say that flying in
subtime, although giving access to
the whole universe at once has a
backward effect that by using subtime
again and again, the consciousness
or awareness of the habitants on the plane,
changes slowly and loose their light or
lifelight as they say.

For a specie, able to travell by it,
it sometimes is incalculated to
loose energy, lifelight, or have
less visible consequences.

Waiting for the support leaving subtime and
in range to support the mission,

The unknown agent, which is an agent Xi,
i describe because they are very gifted,
and have no real education besides their
own training in either passive telepatic mode,
or active telekinesis.

As telekinesis can be used to change processes,
anywhere in range it is sometimes by
parents used to block a child when in danger.
for example a projectile is aimed at them,
and the father creates by telekinesis a shield.

A second example is, using telekinetics like,
a laser beam with information on a fibre,
to send over short or large distance a
message. (and with all passive receivers,
the messages is like looking at short distance at
a stable spot)

A third example is using passive receiving
to listen to the noise of the universe.
Which gives as the theory is that
higher evolved communication is more
dense and more in our eyes a digital communication.

In the past a network communicated by a token,
a short signal to give the right of communication
to a certain node,

imagine that a token itself is like a molecule,
but not of material but energy, and this small token
is itself the information sent and received.

As a passive receiver you hear the noise,
which is common on our planet, and this noise
is like Earth giving your emotions the calmness
of coping with life.

As a specie which is more by chance
telekinetic of telepatic,
information is not consciously learned, understood
sent or received, but by accident.
This ensures that a specie on the ladder to
advanced living, gets step by step
without interfering or being interfered.

A passive telepatic, can sometimes get the feeling
to receive descriptions of situations,
but by the undeveloped abilities it feels
like all those situations are based on the roles
of close relatives.

As a telecinetic, a vast training, self-training
is the source of the power and ability.
For example, for a person its difficult to
learn mathematics, as a child
numbers are learned, and the longer you study
the more complex mathematics get.

The difference is that telecinetics,
is no study in text or images,
but like a muscle, able to use
for short distance or longer.
As well the power used for it
can replete the user, or in other ways
to be influenced.

With the case of telepaths,
there are two differences,
telepathic abilites can either be
subject or object oriented.

Subjectoriented means communication is based
on the process of self-awareness,
by which the message does not travell through
space and the outer world, but by
the connection of spirit to spirit.

The other on, objectoriented, is more or less
a force that can be pointed as a laser,
or like a forcefield that emits a
compared to a sound, which travels in all distances.

As the difference between subject and object oriented
communcation or changements, by science
the subjectoriented is more favorite and valued.
Not because its from subject to subject,
because there is no noise,
and there is no visible communication.

A philosopher in the past said,
that subjectoriented communication,
even can give others the feeling of
distress, or enthousiasm,
as even feelings can be part of
the process.

As the goal of crossfire is not to
immediate kill or destroy enemies
but to hold a line to get time for
other processes.

As when in investigation of a planet,
before the intention to evil is discovered
there is no right to kill more than ten individuals.

The agents of biological and physics sciences
continued their investigation.

The biological agent,
took a dna sample of a simple animal,
with the ability to breath air.

Because if a planet knows how to change dna,
by altering it, even simple animals gets influenced.

The physics agent,
took a sample of the radiological byforce.
because in a sample of communication,
when advanced is space for higher layered communication,

in simple compared to human technology,
as a stone in water makes ripples,
on earth both sender and receivers
work through the ripples.
Not by force, not by cloning.

But in advanced communication,
the ripples are not the waves but the signal
above the water, and in a river,
ripples are seen, but the flow of current
underneath is never noticed.

The biological agent made the second test,
and was taking examples on how ligth
and the oxygen molecules responded on each other,
because in the far past before Noach,
water came from beneath,
and ozone and sunlight made possible that
people lived for a thousand years
by this test the agent could see if the
planet is able to use that technology for
living longer, because when false,
this technology by disaster was blocked.

The biological agent even did an additional test.

Suppose when dna, the building block of creatures
is being altered. you discover by false dna being part of it.

Now if you have a story of ten lines,
if normal language you immediately see when
altered in a non-intelligent way.
As ten lines with random words gets another meaning.

Now suppose dna alteration changes one line,
not with random words but by curses.

When dna has no meaning you never discover these
faults, but when you can read dna as the story of life.
You see the difference.

As dna is a building block,
each planet has a subset of two hundred stories of
dna, as each story is compared to ten lines

By investigation of three articles in the subset
one can discover faults in all the stories

By this investiagion the biological agent,
could discover that dna was altered,
but not in a severe way.
As compared in a story one curse of a word is not bad
but if three lines give a bad intention,
a curse can cause danger or disasters.

As our agents use the terminology close by english,
as dna is called dana, and the core information,
is called dnata.

as other technology is by each mission
prepared, with attention to goal
and risc-leveling.

a mission to a very high civilisation
uses higher technology

but if a mission is in danger of
technology being stolen,
more biological technology is used.
Because biology is mostly
recognized as life-species.

Mostly when recruits are in
education they ask how subtime can
be used for travelling.

And as an explanation,
each point in time or space,
is like having an ip adress.

And with ip-adresses
its a method of coordination
and gives a stable spot to everything.
When subtime is used for travelling or journeys
an ip-adress if found and with prerequisites,
gets a domain name.

In the movies on earth its partly described by
star gate, star trek or other nice stories.

Some then ask, when planets and universes move
and change place, how an ip adress can be not false.
And then the ip-adress can change place,
but the domain name either points to it,
or the ip-adress gets a rerouting.
A rerouting as making the path availaible
in a new direction.

So in subtime travelling is
like sending a message, for example the message
of an car object to the domain-receiver.
where it appears again.

And the ships entering subtime have
the portal or changing routing,
already. as the paradox is
how something enters subtime independent,
but appears out of it, by a technology hold
inside the ship in subtime.

And the question why it takes two hours to
travel in subtime, while no time by travel.

As you move slow through a medium,
all the energy inside it is saved,
and the slower the less force fields
damages or destroys it.
So in science, one hour is the basis
for entering or leaving.
withouth requisites for size of the ships
or which technology they hold.

By travelling through subtime,
and the use of ip-adresses for spacetime continuum,
and the domain name as the symbol-identifier.

Like airplanes using computers to fly automaticly
to the country destination.

Imagine that a magician,
creates a computer in his mind,
and operates it, but the mathematical
answer is the correct method to
use in flying.

Illusionists or magicians use the same method
to magically create or alter reality.
You can see it as the mind having an antenna
to change the visual information.
as light, sound, and radio information is
all a carrier wave,
if you change the carrier wave, one
sees it as a different object.

As using an antenna in the mind,
changing waves of light and even
waves of gravity, one can magically
influence the world.

Now this method is called sub-space,
you can alter everything in a space continuum.
By using this method,
a magically invisible computer is used
to compute and calculate the
path through subtime to the destination.

As well as said, that small objects
can by this method enter and leave subtime,
as well as subspace.

As a secret held in the hands of the magicians.
As a technology held in the hands of advanced science.

As one asked how then its possible to travel,
and the answer was using geometry you have
squares, triangels and polygons,
the technology for analysing space
is simple or in short distance meaning,
that only geometry is being recognized.

As an example if you have a forest,
and you use a computer to count all trees.

You learn the computer the criteria for
what a tree looks like, and all the differences
possible. Not by scanning all possible trees,
but by the question-answer subset or method.

An artificial system then recognize all trees,
and with artificial systems, ten percent can be

So when recognising space, only geometry is used.
In simple terms, a human body is definable by
geometry formulas.

As this method is used, one gets a spacemap,
which can be used for all purposes.
and by using a slow force beam of wave length
more than light, the universe does not notice
being analysed.

As one recruit asked about this slow force beam,
i gave the simple explanation.

As in computers electronics are used, and
electrons are active particles giving information,

you can see a light beam as form the sun,
as a passive beam.

If you send a beam to earth, and a passive beam,
is like a question, the light asking the darkness
for its characteristics.

If a planet is being analysed, the light beam
both gives light to it, but as a screen,
gives its painting backthrough the beam
to the source of it.

This method is advanced because
normally a light beam is just
making everything visible,
but this one gives its radiance to
what is seen, and makes it seen at large distance
to the source of the beam.

like the proverb.
if something comes into daylight,
as the method to make sin seen in the world.

As the biological agent did his analysations,
he pondered the platonic idea.

if you suspect a human being,
growing from baby, child to adult.
It keeps his own form,
as the facial expression, muscle growth.
This all happens with the philosophy of an idea.

A human has the form in an idea, in a subtle
way as the basis of every growth and every characteristic.

And as with humans, even the teeth as sometimes seems
random when they deteriorate, if you compare.
its the proof of the idea.

If the idea human, is damaged that one
is prone to sickness, diseases and malformation.

And if you would heal that idea,
make it like a photo-model, and with
the radiance of clean energy,
even a deformed human would improve
and restore the beautifull form.

As the agent pondered this, he said
to a memory that some symboles,
based on geometry can be used to heal that
idea. not by radiance, but by blocking bad
influence fron reaching the idea.

By which the idea, by regeneration,
heals it self.

and the simple idea, to use it as art
in a hospital or home.

and as humans can use the mind
to follow a train or trail of thought,
i got the impression that by the
use of symbolic art more than we know
is possible.

From telecineses, from telepathy,
to enhanced willpower to healthinducing methods
and energy compliant waves.

As well art that gives the mind the access
to represent a reality situation from far away
in the currunt or past time.

As the art can give like an affirmation
riches or fame when used wisely.

As well to impress others to follow in a
subconscious way your wishes.

But by the feeling its not even close
to normal behaviour, i felt safe.
Because even when a human would describe it,
the art is only learned when three generations
would practice it.

when the biological agent continued his analysation,
he thought of a small method of communication.

that when telepathy is based on technology,
or surgical brain alteration,
it works like a morse-code or telegraphy connection.

making messages through the art of a system
with five different symbols. as the most
simple way to communicate and morse-like information.

And the thought like morse, if one trains and use
it for more than five months, translation is easy
and almost immediate without effort.

Which gave the next thought,
that when the spleen fails,
one needs to have blood-plasma to keep living,
with the thought of the movies about vampires.

But on the other hand, when the spleen
is chemical improoved it can give
humans the method to both lengthen life,
as well to reach the age of five hundred years.

And a byproduct that if enhanced, wounds heal
faster and better.

Caught in the act of thinking, the collective mind,
gave this information, as a reflection on
how a specie evolves to the advanced level
of the planetary alignment in the universe.

Sometimes a specie in evolution wants to know
how other species look like, especcialy when
they had the same path to science and intelligence.
And a small example is the god of ganesha in hinduism.
As he was human form with an elephants trunk,
he is recognizable with his form.

To look at Ganesha, is to look at a specie
which exists, in a dreamlike kingdom far away.

With a small fantasy, when god created man on earth,
he was in a joke with his own origins,
and because heself had an elephants face, he
created us to his image, except the elephant parts.

When looking at Ganesha, we look at a race.
and with the wish to contact even them
to learn, to grow, to get health, to get wealth.

When thinking on Ganesha, i thought of a book
available in the hindu religion,
The book called the bagvad gita.
As in that book the battlefield of Kuruksheta was
described, and our race as well had part in it.

Especially weapons of high technology.
The arrow, which released found its goal
withouth any interruption.

And the other weapon of Plasma
overloading. similar to put a whole country
in a disaster.

Aswell Kurukshetra, told in different versions,
said that krsna was the protector of Arjuna,
who in front of the battle was in deep fear.
And when somenone is in fear, a fight is almost
lost. But the lord as his refuge,
gave him an uncommon victory.

This book got me to think about
a bigger book called the bagvad purana.
Which describes a full version of
the mythology of the hindu religion,
Asirecall its from atime we had contact
with that race.

As a close call to a forgotten past
the line of kurukshetra and the book
describing the technology like being
lost and being forbidden because of
the influence to destroyu worlds.

The arrow which was used,
did not look like a drone,
or an arrow,
but was like a small ball
of ping pong, except emitting light
in all sides, and when touching the goal
it used its energy to destroy molecule bonds,
which even could cope with objects as
large as an airplane.

As well as the weapon of Sankarshana,
which was a disc of pure plasma,
which was two sided,
like matter and antimatter.
When released, it reacted with each other.
Which destroyes even continents.

A trail of thought ends always when
reality calls for attention.
And the agents all were ready with
probing the planet.

Because the planet did not have
the marks of a bad civilisation,
there was no reason to begin a war.

And as a evil race or planet have
four marks by which they are identified.

The first,
direct agression, as the mark of emotions
not being controlled by either mind or higher self.

The second,
indirect agression, either by bullying
units associated with them, like family.
or by influencing subject within the power.

The third,
nagging and lying to provoke a repercussion,
which is a method to test how advanced
some influence is .

The fourth is to,
take pictures and spread over the planet,
to invoke the bad attention.
As attention in the mind with bad thoughts,
always gets to the goal.

Because the planet was a peacefull one,
the agents decided to leave it go back to
their home system.

And the small attack that was done on them,
with the crossfire, was not a reason leave
amark on the planet.

Boarding the ship they dediced to get a small
piece of dna from the race of planetary management.

Entering subtime, and flying back,
the response time of two hours was cancelend
because a small amount of resistance is not
enough to start an episode.

The space ship, travelling through subtime
got the command to get a look
on another planet.

A planet known for the trade-council,
offering costprice as retailprice,
and with the purpose to be as good as
to be in the system of the universe.

This planet, greeted with a signal
of a picture. As we know gayatri looks like.

After greeting and hailing,
they landed on the platform with the use
of a radiological beacon.
As we call it a GPS system.
Geo positioning system.

On the ground,
the planet offered a new series
of documents, describing the
newest technologies.
As the race, names it the source Gayatri.

This first document described,
the social instruments to
remove any hatred from society.
Because hatred is when people have
the feeling they either are no part of society,
or are being used for the power of the upperclass.

As the first instrument they describe is the use
of famous musicians to sing songs about
society everyone being part of it.

And the use of affirmations to give
all listeners the instruments to improve
their life.

As famous musicians, giving compliments
about everyone in society, and give hope
to poor people and sing about laws and life
to improve conditions on earth.

The second instrument, to use famous actors
and actrices to make all youngsters feel
they are part of society, and even when they
are not able to fullfill education,
that paths are available for them,
to be a valued citizen.

The third instrument that people
who made it to the top,
take the position, to be avaiable
to others, who wishes for
to be protegees or to be mentored by them.

For making able that everyone
has the chance to get to the top.

As the fourth instrument,
for the royal people,
when people, youngsters or drop outs of
older age want to study,
but not have the requirements, gets
a special admittance to the study or education they like.

As royal people are above laws, they
are allowed to break the law to support and help others..

As on the planet being governed by Gayatri,
I had a thought about another planet,
where the island of atlantis had been.

Because that island was thrown in the ocean by
an angel. It is not anymore known by anyone.

As i had one thought about it,
that electrons were not used for
electronics, but as a vessel
to create force fields.

And as i recollect one force field
is a normal thing to either
give object boundaries and bonds,
and when using more than twenty force fields

its like having a computer not on copper, gold
or fibre but by the intermission of the force fields.

As in that recollection, those force fields,
were made of quicksilver with another composite,
about which is not anything known anymore.

Atlantis the island of the far past,
as with all myths its only a nice story.

With the thought on atlantis,
i thought of lauretania.
A small continent, among other poor countries.
the special thing on this island was that
from beneath the surface a series of radiation

And with this radiation the proof of the
intelligent planet was given.

Because when a star-war begun,
as its called in genuine language.
the planet by its radiation could block
all incoming objects. from stone, to metal.

By the occuring defense, the planet was
as in scientific words, a self-conscious planet.

As the series of radiation could defend the planet,
the it was capable as well of guiding the intelligent race,
through the phases of civilisation.

Compared to our civilisation, they were advanced too,
but with the guidance of a planet with its core,
being of unknown kind.

As immersed in thoughts,
a new idea arised by the marks of planetary co-optation.
As every planet has a sinew link to all others,
and by the link and bond of it. it was coupled
as a network.

When planets are healthy the bond gives each planet
the feeling it was among others.
And when broken or damaged the planet,
was filled with harsh conditions,
and even when life emerges, it dried out soon.

As all planets with life matter, and life intelligence
is by that theory coupled to other planets.

As with the core being attached to a sinew,
its with certain technology possible
to communicate, or to retrieve knowledge.

Ofcourse a sinew of that size, distance and bond
is not visible, and not easily interruptable

As contemplating new technologies,
i got a nice one, as the internet is
by searching the message thruough midpoints
servers deciding where the message is brought.

And the method of a directional beam versus
a seeking beam. is simply put as
the directional beam is like a bow and arrow.
and the arrow goes where its shot at.

The seeking beam is the opposite,
like an impulse not yet with a goal
implemented, but seeking it.

Like a dog searching for bad flavors,
and by attention gets where it has to go.

And if you use a double sided seeking beam,
there is not any force field able to block
the impulse.

As time passed by, a new reason to
go back to earth arised.

And entering subtime we took the instruments
we needed, including the instrument
to block all metal objects.
as on earth only metal is used for

Leaving subtime at distance of the moon,
we activated the sniffing on radiological radiance.
And listening to all television at the same time.
We learned about their need for excitement,

When a life is lonely, they search for it
in the fantasies of the movie business.
From the romance of a perfect relationship,
to the job of a super business man,
or a movie about vietnam.

But we were not looking for leisure,
but to see why we were sent their again.

We were planning a survey, and to look
if problems in the future would already be

the new breakthrough on cloning,
for example was not yet regulated by
rules of good conduct.

And the technology of exo-skeletons,
was still in the steps of the
early childhood.

But the third idea gave a look
on the bright side of life.

The replacement of artificial intelligence
by imitative intelligence.

As all love the movies on television,
and it gives a glance on
would or couldbe societies.

If a science fiction movie,
give a glance on star travel,
its like imitating something not
yet possible.

And another story describing,
the method of immortality.
Its imitiation of something not yet
in science.

So the artificial intelligence is
like deciding and searching for
wished bhavriour.

While imitiative behaviour,
is imitating intelligence.
And even without understanding giving
the same output, the same actions.

In the eye of the imitative intelligent one,
even a child is able to imititate.

As the first words are ljust an imitation
of a way of communication,
and by the answer a child can estimate
the right meaning.

With the idea that on earth,
the humans always used the source
of imitation to learn new things.
As well to invent new technology
by the combination of used practices.

When subtime was left and the starships
were residing at the moon,
as well that when travelling near
other species, a cloaking device was used.

A cloaking device, as scientists
trained in physics, electronics,
and chemistry can back operate
to the source of it.

With the comparison that,
new species, or species on the
border of space travel
always long for new technology,
and at best without effort.

The earth as well was on the
verge of stepping into space.

As every possible new
frontier begins with
communication and the use
of space technology
with the lowest risk possible.

As i thought on another new discovered specie,
which used the known communication methods
in a new direction.

The placed ten points on their planet
with on each spot a radio tower,
and an intense lighting.

By communicating through both
the light spots and the radio

Which works like being a child and
using toys to get in contact with a parent.

As a planet is round, and an orb,
the ten points for easy understanding
each continent one.

And the use of a repetative message,
both in paralel lines of communication,
for advanced civilisations to notice.

Most species do not even know that
there is even in primitive civilisations
a symbol to get contact.

Like bended not broken as a
proverb being used to get
visible intervention.

As with childs, if a parent
uses a word, a sentence, a drawing,
or a story to get in touch with.

There is always the first message,
the first contact. and its always
the more intelligent one opening
the layer of communication.

Except when communication would only
be with swearing and cursing,
even an advanced civilisation,
will loose its interest in,
socalled new species.

As we monitored the radio-communication
on earth for a while we heard
a new word, as the dictionary
did not yet described.

The word was Xeno-Intelligent,
which means a intelligent bystander.
As it was abbreviated to Xi.

As well another word was Xo,
which had a different meaning.
Which meant an observer,
a bystanding observer.

As the love of humans for
short terminology, its part
of an intelligent communication style.

As a bystander, is a simple term
for persons not the usual kind,
of a surrounding on earth,
or of intervention from the
blue sky.

Next thing that came in mind was
the method to handle great care.

Like using sense deprivation,
which is a method to give loose
to a persons- intent.

The body being wrapped in stretch
cloth or plastic,
and the senses being covered with blackness.

As this method is even for
beings able to communicate with the mind,
It is sometimes called a cruel method
because when you deprive someone from even
the smallest actions or motions,
it is unknown if even someone will survive
more than half an hour.

As well a method of the opposite,
that you shine a light of 5000 lumen
at a persons eyes, and the person sitting
in interrogation, after a quarter gives
all its secrets. because even the ego,
or the self-image is loosing its grip
on the situation.

As those are simple techniques for
a risk-management.
With the starting point
to intervene only when actions,
or intents get visible in a society.

A trail of thought brought me to the
concept of creating robotic figures from
biological tissue.
While the posture of a socalled bio-agent
is dependent on its resulting function.

And because of being an agent,
functions like taste, like sense-control.
and appreciation is not a primary function,
its not important for food or drink to be
measured in taste or healthvalue.

And mostly with a bio-agent,
there is no use of culture or
other intuitive needings.

And with an engineered biological robot,
or bio-agent there is no use for xDna
recombination. Because if it would,
the dna would have to be carefully
combined to prevent the future
to create by procreation, the wrong

With the easy example of a person,
in three generations to have the
precursor of being either very fearfull or very agressive.

A bio-agent therefore only needs the dna for its own function.

Which led to the thought of telepathy,
of the use of a geometric figure used
in the youth or the childyears,
to use as an icon or symbol,
with every message being attached to it,
to be instantly send to the receiver,
as a simple explanation of telepathy.

This ofcourse is the initial step to
a collective mind, where not only paper,
computer and radiocommunication is the method
to communicate but also from short to large distance,
with no loss of data or information.

Its as simple to get a collective mind,
as its to invent an airplane or to
invent the wheel as function of travelling.

With the idea of the child able to
have all funcitonality of a human.
At all layers and sideforms.

The theory is that a child unto three years
have the potential abilities of the full human,
with a small example that a child of two years
still can learn to use telekinetics and telepathy,

While when a child is above three years old,
it has no muscle or sinew anymore to train.

So even with intelligent species, its important
to use the possible functions when its still
fresh and unbound to situational appearances.

By which functionality can only be used in gametime
by a child, and always depends on the possible actions.

For example learning to draw is dependent on
the drawings of others, and to see the parents
to give examples. two sides are needed for increasing
possible functionality. The instructor, giving a
series of primary examples, and the student,
to learn to be aware of the extra functionality.

As well as the difference between the use of the mind
for all intelligent behaviour,
or the use of the heart, or the bodily functions
to base intelligent behaviour.

By which the heart is sustained without effort,
and the mind needs repetative effort to keep
effective and actionable.

As with kids from eigth years the training
of the heart is the most important lessons.
For when a child is not bound, not enslaved
to fantasies, its far more stronghearted,
and strong in emotional behaviour that
a person later in his life, can be
achieving all carreer goals.

As with the learning of new knowledge,
when its used by a public service.

Like a movie on television,
there are a couple of vivid sides.

Like the story,
Lile the truth having part,
Like lessons to cope with.
Like a source problem.

As movies are used for training people,
and if you are not sure whom to teach.
Its placed in a concept structure.
With certain static content,
and dynamical structures.

As shakespeare in the past,
was about plays on royals,
and other medieval things.

The movie business have in half of the
movies a part about certain sides of society.

To describe the elements is to block
movies from coming on television.
So a small description,
that even on television
nothing is what it seems.

As a proverb i got in mind was

To fortify thyself
by the power of riches.

Which was a proverb to
the ones being foreigners.
Because money gives the
owners the right to defend,
in an easy way.not being outcasted
by fate or simple reasons

This brought me to the dark side of
the world wars where gypsies were
prosecuted and used for evil trials.

By the soul being unknown in
how it was transmutable, by
using keywords to activate a
certain behaviour.

Still a thought on how,
those persons in their next life
if you believe in reincarnation
still would respond when
a key word was used.

Ofcourse such experiments are
to be condemned.

Which is a method to use
inferiors which alone is
to be despised.

Which brought me to an idea
we catched from the radio-information
the use of the terminology Alien Containment.
Which was a combination of the netflix
series continuum, and some other
visible elements.

Which in the movie of independence day
is a fortified place where all the
strangers are being hold.
Which keeps the world safe from them
and them hopefully safe from us.

With thoughts of how it would be
designed; like a jail for normal people
or like glass cages to hold them all in the
same room. or just in a pit in a dark

With the bystanding element of gas
to neutralise the contained ones by
wrong actions of them.

The trail of thought continued,
from the method of containment
to why it would be neccesary for having one.

As on earth convicts are put in jail,
and in space where individuals can be
much more intelligent, its used
to give them to a fate of the same

So if in space they commit severe things,
they are put on a planet where they
pay for their sins.

If the meaning why should one suffer
is the question, you might say,
if individuals are very evil,
its allowed to give them as a
guinea pig to a planet to
be looked and examined.

For example on earth if we don't accept
the hierarchy, and the bosses above us,
we get fired from the job.

As in space they don't respect the hierarchy,
and curses their bosses, its obvious,
the more a specie is intelligent,
the more an appropiate response will set in.

As one would be one with the universe,
as on earth the affirmation of the sentence
i wish to be one with reality, with the universe.

Which was a source of a thought on another technology
as the need for radio-silence for a civilisation
is because of all the information held in.

By the use of water molecules, as H2O,
and the use of those molecules in a
matrix or vortext layered field.

If used above earth in the stratosphere,
and by keeping them in place, by electron overloading,

its a shield for all probing devices,
as through water the radio information,
being blocked.

As its a thin layer of water molecules,
there is no danger while flying through.

As with the matrixfield or sphere of electric currunt.
Which is a field of low magnetic radiance,
with a double sided positive and negative layer.
As its a field of magnetic currunt,
the influence on the human body is minimal,
like if you pass under a electric pole, and cable.

This energy field, with low currunt,
was in my recollection also used
in Atlantis as the main source of energy.

As magnetics influence all metal objects,
its only a small field, around the globe.

Which brought the idea of the three-steps
on defense on a planet.

As the first one is like drone's of two meters big,
with 6 rotor blades, with camara's and lasers attached.
With the lasers able to blind any visual instruments
of any kind.

The second one is like a basketball big, round,
and is held in the air by an invisible force.
it has no lasers, but has a kind of force beam,
which still has to be discovered.

The third kind is like the size of a proton,
with diminished technology in it.
This one can overload electrons,
which can damage any electric equipment,
in any way possible.

These three kinds of defense,
is for most planets the fullfilled need
of any defense at any threat.

And each step is more advanced in its
use of scientific knowledge.

All these three can be coupled by
comunication device to a source
of artificial intelligence,
to keep it floating around the world,
without any human interference or influence.

Like the simple idea of the robot
vacuum cleaner, spinning round the room
when we are out for work.

With this all being technology as being
invented by the hands of human kind.

But we still admire the way the planet can
communicate with us.
From the influence through dreams and visions,
From the use of sound, as being through the day
giving a direction to our goals.

And even being the visions during daylight,
where we can see a glance of an angel,
when a child is miraculously healed.

The planet able to communicate,
and as an intelligent entity.

May that planet, as it holds
all hierarchies from plants to animals,
from humans to greater structures.

The planet compared to the body
of a human, with all parts working together.

As the indians in the past had the
ritual of vision quests to get unity with
the planet they live on.

As the indians, were always aware
of their position in reality,
only caring for the real.
And averting all thinking and dreaming.
Which was their weak spot.

As for indians, afterlife was like
the grounds of eternal hunting,
which translated to our currentday life
is that in our afterlife we in excemption
will lead the life we wished for during life,
with all the chances and the good advices.

For a monk to be in a monestary with all
the christian latin books to study.

For a person leading a healthcare organisation,
the possibilty to lead a succesfull healthcare.

And the politician, inventing all new
possible laws to get a country happy.

What is than the source of the
eternal hunting grounds.

Which gave a second thought on the
youth being educated, a childish question
that they in front of any other knowledge want
to know how to use subspace to
make architectural buildings
in place withouth much effort,
like the stones of the pyramid and the sphinx.

And every teacher answering that there is a path
to any knowledge, and skipping parts is
not very clever.

With the same idea that using biochemical tissue
for artificial life forms, is only possible after
decoding biological impulses and their resulting actions.

Which is the source of using the so called intelligence
of spiders to create silver discs or any other technology.

Quantumtechnical, the observer influences the object
in sight, and with all biological life forms,
its either a black box, being controlled by the input and output,
or its a doer-observer system. By which the actions, input and feelings
are observed and leads to action. which is a simple form of
the inner part of the black box.

With the use of biochemical tissue to create like discs or other forms,
this brought the idea that tissue can be used to enhance intelligence,
but with a different method.

A punction is made of the brains, and by growing artificially
to a extended part of the brain. and being attached to
the life form, its giving through the youth-times,
extra intelligence to learn, to grow, and to be free.

Because its the same dna-source, and the same life-symbol.
which is besides dna a factor being important,
an effective assistance.

As a small example with this extended brain unit,
during youth they are able to learn a thousand languages.
Or to learn math with the numbers up to a couple million
by simple reasoning. without the need of a calculator or paper.

As this planet, being earth, the leading race, has the access
to all kinds of dna-altering methods, from cloning,
to creating hybrid junctions. And the idea of the life-symbol,
like the blood type being important to how an extended tool
can be succesfull and coupled synchronic.

A life symbol, like comparing a human to a source of animal,
not by less intelligence but by the ground mark of a body, face
and glance. As every human has the glance of an animal as a second
nature or character.

As a simple example, a person not able to get angry,
has a second nature of a herbivore.
and someone being a ruthless businessman,
having the second nature of a wolf.

If this life symbol is being used, its able to
extend intelligence without repelled as strange impulses.

As of every civilisation has a kind of protection for the citizens,
and in one world its like having a force of one up to thousand for
a country, for others its like having enhanced cops who can
sense when citizens which are not happy.

When sensing things its like having compared to visuality,
a round,flat surface being filled with colors,
ranging from yellow to brown, from light to dark,
with a syntetical function to transfer knowledge.
like when looking at a painting it gives a feeling,
or when reading a book, you get a sense of what is meant.

This surface would show when there are things
needing direct attention. These kind of cops
are named in each world with a different title.

in some worlds where there minimal knowledge of
ethical and moral values, they are frightened
of these cops and not of what they fight,
the evil in a society.

As this surface would also be available
to normal persons, and then giving the side-talent
for people to feel or sense the intentions.
which in the business world is a desired ability.

Which is an ability to sense in three seconds,
the intentions of those in the surrounding.

Which as one of the talents give a certain person
an advantage in life. as a second talent
if you regard a mind as a computer,
that when in the youth training your mind,
and giving it all the possible edges in understanding.
You create a computer with an affectiveness of more than
eighty percent in all questions.

For example if you train in maths in the youth,
and step by step improving your mind,
you can for example compute without tools
the square root of a fraction being divided in an
uncalculatable number.

If you take this to the next step,
your mind can give the resulting equation
of a very difficult figure.

And the next step to calculate,
without support the flight line of a plane,
from start to finish.

With for earth the ultimate,
to fly a space ship to mars without
using a computer.

This only as a simple example of
what a mind can do if its educated.

Which in a primitive society,
books of up to thousand pages where
not written but by speech given from
generation to generation
which can either being by heart of by mind.
as an example of the mind or the heart being able
to comprehend.

This being the example of the mind calculating,
while the invention of dna was like a vision
in the mind of the inventor.

As a snake giving a double helix and biting
in its tail. as an example the mind giving
new technologies without needing a prerequisite.
The only condition of a willing person
to look into the idea and to realize it.

As well as the idea of einstein regarding
the speed of light, with the equation
of how it interacts with the energy compliant.

Which he marveled out of the air,
with the next assignment to find the formula
of how god is exisiting and to be proofed.

Which is for the youth a simple formula,
to cath the scientific meaning in a
math based formula.

As the essence of something is understood,
by the square of the action variable.

The square being calculated by the action and reaction
being with the same meaning.

As all technology has a source, or an origin,
and all the technology has a trigger which
gives the inventor the right of inventing it.

As a social construct is based on the prerequisite,
and the resulting theory, which then is a
practical application.

And when someone finds the condition of the triggers,
an inventor can be like inventing hundreds of new technlogies,
or scientific insights.

As some call from the past, Leonardo or Rembrandt,
important innovators.

As a simple lesson is when striving for a good position,
you have to choose one certain subject for your
quest to glory. For example a scientific inventor,
chooses only that goal and does not divert from it.

as the most important ones, never got married,
or just got married to their field of work.

Or they even refrained from intimicy,
to just concentrate on their thirst
for knowledge, theories, of subject of choice.

Even the greatest persons of religion,
were fully bound by their choice of devotion.

And of course, the more you follow a path,
the more you grow. while its never to late
to start stepping on the road to a purpose.

As some say, the first step on a road,
a road of insights in a workfield or subject.
is the choice you want to choose that.

Because on any time you can decide a different
subject to follow.

As a choice, to study sciences of the future,
and later on study the religious cultures.

As for sciences of the future are
mostly described in books, movies and the small talks
with those favoring the subject.

And for religion the conditions are that
its your sole goal to get progress.

And to have the right or good intent,
because all knowledge can be used either good or bad.
As its all depending on how the person,
regards it in comparison with social and real life.

As the simpel rule,
the question is what legacy you leave to earth,
are it children and offspring,
a scientific assembly of theories.
Or a religous codex similar to the bible or a scripture like the bagvad gita.

Or political the invention of the senate, as seneca taught us

As all science has a source, and each and every source
if being used gives its fruits.

this brought me to the vortex fall of society.
Which is the term used for a civilisation, by disaster
like a scientific object creating a damage,
or a political misuse of certain technology.

The vortex fall which was the result of
gravity boundaries being surpassed.
With the horror of all objects moving through each other,
and with the danger of countries fighting each other
in the extent of what we think is possible.

As a vortex fall is every thousand years a new
threath to society. as we closely watch civilisation.

The vortex fall of boundaries to blur,
also the cause of object boundaries to fade.
With the appearance of objects moving through each other.

As a vortex fall as predicted by einstein,
is that society fails, like when in this
time electricity fails, a society falls
to a primitive kind.

With society being depending on
technology of five hundred years ago.

And everything, information,
culture only being avaiable on computer
in digital sense, is being erased.

A vortex fall of loosing a load of
information and knowledge,
even giving society the need for a way up
not being done in a couple of years.
But a fight of three hundred years to
reach the same level of science and civilisation.

As the term Vortex Fall is used for all
kinds of events with these characteristics.
and presumptions.

As when the prediction grows that a society
will fall again, the need for intervention grows.

Mostly the first step of preserving dna,
the second one to write down books
with the road to technology, step by step.

The third step to write down an almanac,
to all languages, with the traditions,
cultures, religions.

The fourth step, the preservation of
copies of important objects. relics.

The fifth step to preserve
all costly objects, golden artifacts,
precious stones.

All these stept being equal to each other,
as its all part of a civilisation.

With a associated thought,
that magic is a device of
untold science.

When an advanced civilisation
falls, it gives temporary the science
by magical proverbs, commands, or
choosed influence. untill the objects
wear out, and primitivity starts again.

These all associations by the
appearance of an intelligent race
on planet earth. As we were called
to visit the planet with the message
that an aberration of science
was reported.

As the second time we came on earth,
instead of flying to a destination near society,
we flew to an outskirt of a country,
with a less concentrated density.

From within the temporary military base
we investigated the possibility to create a
naval base, at the bottom of the ocean
Ofcourse with perimeter of coral fabric,
to avoid the probing of a random
military vessel of sonar equipment.

This to be able to closely watch the
human civilisation while they
emerged from the waters to an adult civilisation.

And to be able when a large mistake
is to overtake the society, to interrupt
with an impulse.

As the protocol states an impulse,
may only add to society, and not erase
any of the social, technlogical, cultural
or religious level of development.

As all communication, which is now
through our ship equipment,
will be relocated to the naval under ocean base,
and through the metal core of the planet,
planet earth.

As with all large distance projects,
the comparison from the western society
discovering the new world,
is the transfer of new diseases.
Which the largest cause of population decline,
and the rule in the protocol of the continual
check on exchanging biological or chemical
information in material structures,objects and substances.

This gave the recollection that
in a world we visited in the past,
they had like blond hair, blue eyes,
with the glance on the use of spice,
and the collective mind,
creating a peacefull society.

As the spice was a chemical component,
which unified each mind, as the mind
is always the source of conflict, war and quarrel.

As they taught me, if everyone
has a mind, all with different content,
each person fights at least one other person,
because of the difference between either
the path of life, or the collection of preferences.

As they told me, by unifiying the mind,
to the collective, which sometimes is said
to diminish freedom, is not a cause of conformity,
but like education does, giving all the same
level of intelligence,
as of intelligence depends on knowledge, and if everyone gots the same level
a society operates at effective and efficient unity

As sometimes is said the level of freedom,
and the use of substance to keep a society calm of silent
is a suspicion of theories keeping the rich very rich
and the poor very poor.

But used in a good way, it gives every part of society
the level of intelligence compared to give everyone the
chance to get education at a university.

Which if you think through gives all equality,
without holding back freedom.

As compared to a child, playing whole day may be freedom
but in twenty years that freedom is lost.
Thus restraining freedom in the youth by education,
is giving freedom in the adult life.

As a proverb i once read was,
after slavery comes freedom,
after freedom comes service.

As the idea of service both to society as
to religions or traditions.
Giving life a higher goal.
A goal of working together.

As i heard from a human child,
he was forbidden to eat fish and water-creaturs
because of a principle of a past life
a life being a mermaid, and to be
forbidden to eat something close
to your kind.

As some vegetarians, use this principle in
another fashion, to refuse to eat
meat of air-breathing animals,
with the idea that mammals have consciousness,
and water-creatures have not.

Ofcourse when you tell a child
that mermaids live in the oceans,
they are in wonder of these loving
creaures having compassion with them.
Which is the source for children
of nice dreams.

As some evolved participants of society
wishes, that the wisdom of their service
will be like the fluff of a dandelion,
that when the flower turns to a golden glance,
the wisdom flies, be hundred metres, be galaxies far away,
be dimensions of another kind. As it gives rise
to new civilisations, to new societies, to new science.
as no one knows the way of the scent of a nice flower.

As the sculpture of an artist,
that the desire for reading the books of
wise sources, may be granted to whoever wishes.
As with the time to contemplate for finding
your own source, integrating it in the origins.

As the origin of our kind, is a thirst for
goodness, wisdom and the feeling of being important
to others, being family, country, society or religion.

Being religious is a way to become happy,
as its the source of mercy.

With every religion having an origin.
And hinduism, is of an origin before the
earth was being made viable.

The gods of hinduism, the language of sanskrit,
the books and scriptures, even when in decay.
Were concipiated before humans crawled out of,
the stadium of hunting or eating from trees.

Hinduism, as the source being far before
our civilisation. and having godnames
which even can give knowledge of the time before,
and of the world outside.

As of hinduism the mantra's are like words
if you don't know them, you are in nescience,
and when you know a mantra, even if of one word
it can change a whole life.

A step bigger is one word, one mantra
can change a whole society or planet.

As if you look at the term Creator,
everything you say, with in addition the word
Creator, one can understand the power of it.

This idea with the use of mantra's
very sacred mantra's can if recited daily
even change a planet to a superior level
of both social and technological kind.

Is with the use of symbols, in the same fashion,
An Hindu Ohm sign, has besides it visible form
and meaning as layed down in books and scriptures,
a secret meaning, which only gets form in the ones
being very sincere and dedicated.

As not very many people know,

hinduism has its roots not only in our world,
but in abstract words in thousands of worlds.
And each and every world, is like
evolving to the ideal of it.
Some at the first step,
others with technology like ours,
and others in peacefull co existing.

As proverb,
close to the light is peace,
far away from the light is war.

Which as i was taught the meaning,
when close to a god, goddess, one gets
the grace of prayers, of wisdom, of guidance,
And far away, one hears of wisdom, but is not interested
in it, and rather chooses for less social or moral values.

As a candle, the closer to the flame,
the more light gives us possible actions,
and more ways of acting in relevance to reality.

As a candle, from farther away, we
can only see vague forms, which even lets us stumble,
taking all abilites to act intelligent away.

For in the Hindu religion, they strive to
reach the abode of Vishnu, being Vaikuntha.
among other places, with the same meaning.
of a Heaven full of wisdom and happiness.

For when one decides in his youth to abstain from
relations, and intimicy, and chooses to reach out
for the Creator himself, may give himself the
title of Sanjasin, being the title of one
devoted to the gods, and longing for a
living relation with the supreme godhead.

As a male and female exchange gifts, compliments,
exchanges love and friendship,
the same manner a sanjasin gives and receives
from the supreme godhead.
ulitmately surrendering to the love of the godhead.
with the total loving service.

While the sanjasin, ultimately sees all living beings,
as being out of the origin of the supreme godhead.

And all living beings as being part of the conscious entity
in the universe. being endowed with atman,
and being part of the reality, called brahman.

As so called when a person longs for unity and relationship with
the supreme godhead, is bought free when love is pure and like
fresh spring-water.

Being bought free by the promise to be allowed by the autority
to not have a human-relationship, but to travel on the road
to oneness with the chosen godhead.

As in the grace of religion, each step is granted,
by the godhead, through all the possible ways,
as being experienced by the devoted adept.

As one even said, when among evil demons,
the supreme godhead still gives its grace,
in ways incomprehensible.

As a male person can be obligied to people
of higher caste, higher status in hierarchy,
he may kindly request to be relieved from
the duty to marry and to beget children,
to take the higher goal of religious practice
in relation to a godhead. thus exchanging
a human relationnship for the devotion.

As being a request to one in the hierarchy
on a higher status or position.
As one may accept the permission by anyone
being appointed of higher caste or position.

As well as the wish of parents,
giving their child the duty to marry
and prolong their family name, or giving
him or her the opportunity to skip the
family life and devote to a religion.

As religion, always has knowledge about
social and functional roles of other times,
and even not being inapplicable at some times.

A wise man, always chooses his words, as the level
of earnestness originated from experience,
and the close contact of religion.
As every prayer shows the adept a different side,
As the simple explanation.

One can walk to the destination,
by getting the easy road, or the difficult road.
While on the easy road you are robbed of treasure
and the difficult road, one gets hardships,
but beholds the treasure.

As another proverb came in my heart.

The gods resemble the society.
The society resembles the contact of gods.

For stepping on the road to Brahmaloka,
is the attaining of eternal happiness.

As in the early youth one learns
the numbers, the simple language.
but also to recite the important
proverbs. in the native language.
For once in life one remembers.
And at remembrance the grace of wisdom
is being granted for a life of light.

For one does not know when wisdom
lightens the fire of devotion,
but when its lighted all steps
are done to reach that final wisdom
that wisdom the abode of the wise.

As the everlasting question of the wise,
is wisdom written or by speech lost,
or always being saved. For wisdom
is worth more than gold, more than diamonds.

Is the mouth of the wise without
souls hearing and appreciating it.

As sometimes madman,
can be despised even when telling
wisdom or the source of religion.

For even a madman,
can long for the relief from
a bad karma situation,
and being recognized as
a devoted adept being
sincere in his actions and prayers

A question of wise men of all ages,
when technology fails, what will
be left to lead a happy life.
and able to enjoy the things
life grants to everyone doing their best.

A question of planets using their technology
in a bad and evil way, how to learn the
highest of science-fields, using all
other knowledge the right way.
As the science how to use science,
is a question always being important.

As the question of deep-thinkers,
is about their thinking being thought.
The source of every thought,
and the goal of every trail of thought.

As reflecting ones behaviour as well
as the meaning of all thinking.

When comes to a conclusion,
one gives light to all things
existing, one give meaning
even to illusion, to delusion.

The idea that thinking being cast out,
and pure awareness is being embraced,

one thinks that science with the source
of thinking being despised too,
but even without the use of mind, by a population,
science is a part of society,
not being thought but by the use of heart.
The use of religion, of intuition, of
being enlightened in heartfull awareness.

Even when some people use their heart,
and leave their mind, they add to society
without erasing what they don't like,
except if against moral laws.

technology and science is not the sole property
of the mind.

the mind is not the only and unique proof of
an intelligent life, specie, or world.

Because intelligence is by consciousness and awareness.
Becasue intelligence is to be aware of reality.
Because intelligence is by being aware of others within reality.

As all the wisemen have the wish,
please the source of it judge my words.
As the source of the report of agent X is
contemplation of the All-Creator.

As some religions, give the statement,
for important statesmen, or servants,
to say they are married to the supreme godhead,
as called the All-Creator, or the Allmighty-One.
As the source of the close relationship they have.
expelling relationships with all others.

As in religion, an angel
can say to be in loving service to a god,
or to be in surrendering to the godhead,
or to be married to a godhead.
or in words and prayer to be property of a godhead.

As with the technology levels rise,
the ability to harm the reality is apparent as well.

As an example is you take a space ship of earth,
when taking off, when landing and when near,
you always see them, and if close enough hear them.

But if you think of something more advanced,
like a ufo. its more or less not a ship
in the sense of a visual vessel,
but as a circle, being three meters in diameter,
and with the height, of only one centimeter,
not because its that small, but you need one centimeter
to place the other part in subspace.

Like the tip of an iceberg.
Like when someone attends to the workshop of
the rules of conduct by subspace,
they are marvelled that with an anchor
in reality, like a circle, a vast vessel can
be attached to it in subspace.

While some even say, when the circle would be a portal
all contents would have to fit through the hole
of the circle, but not being true,
because if its an anchor, and if rightly attached,
its not bound to such a portal.

and if you would put the circle on its side,
and look at it from a kilometre distance,
you would need sharp glasses as well as the knowledge
that there would be something there.
Which makes it a safe technology for
usage at planets.

Another level of invisibilty is the technology
of taking away the photon-pathway.

If you look at a painting its always
filled with the meaning of the artisan.
But if you show a black field instead of
a painting, one says how boring.

If you take a marble, you either like it or not.
But if you take away the photons, you don't see a marble
but a black field of the size of it.

If you now place that marble as a spaceship,
and it flies with speeds of an airplane,
if a person sees it, its like a black spot
only visible for half a second.

Mostly people say, ah just a flaw in my eye,
or a piece of dust, and this gives the technology
the safe usage.

When thinking about ways to travel and visit
the universe, children from far away,
learn by playing as well as us,
except when you take the art of telepathy serious,
it has a ground and source in childtime.

As telepathy is the combination of reality
and the mind. as the mind being ably to
see or observe reality, from close to far.

And children learning their skill,
look with their mind, as we play on a playground.

When they play they look at nice spots
in reality, from distant stars, to
other dimensions.

And like a teacher watches children on the playground,
they are being watched too.

As well as the political structure being in financial
times and obligations.

When a world consists of the trading with money.
And the savings account is the amount of money or
goods as having in stock, sometimes
a world chooses to subjugate its residents.

They then say, every citizens does not have a savings account,
and we don't say they have money but they owe money to
the central authority.

With this small adjustment,
every citizen has always a small or larger debt,
in money and to the authoroty or government.

This seems not being important, but
if you look closer, the government can
force one in debt to do any job, or any task.

Especially if a citizen has children, and a relationship,
When the government says, your debt is imminent,
and if you don't do this, you cannot get bread or butter.

This is a secret used by many societies to force
their citizens to work they like.

Ofcourse when a whole society is in debt,
to the government, and the comparison of balances,
a part at the other side, would have the money, savings,
goods etc. which is the other side of the scale.

And with all smart measures in government,
if its through the right way, citizens accept all.

For example. when persons are educated,
if it costs money and is paid nothing wrong.
But if you say its a lease.
A person pays all its life for the education.
By a lease, meaning every year the cost
of education is deducted from income.

Another possiblity is, a home a house
is being rented or bought.
You can as a government say,
its not a just a cost but a debt too.

These two measures make the people
for all their life in a debt to the goverment.

As a smart person,you say, this can never happen,
but a government has a three-step method
to implement anything they want.

As well the technology of demo-gods
are used to influence simple civilisations.

As when you know what a computer is,
and is able to.

Now make a computer as big as a tennisball
with a communication skill, or ability to
either speeach or radiology.

Now place it in a statue of one metre big,
and place it in the middle of a town.

If it speaks, let it first day greet
avery bystander and passenger.

If its a demigod, now see the possiblities
for it to be a god, and give its commands
to all simple people in town.

This method of demi-gods, can without danger
be used in any civilisation, either with no
electricity, or with no semi-intelligent

If you take the demigod away, they will
for at least five hundred years continue
with the demi-god commands.

As well most people think the mind is a
function of a life-being. without the mind
they are not intelligeng oor human they say.

But its counter-clockwise,
the mind is a robotic program, being able
to both artificial intelligence
and imitative intelligence.
With appliances everywhere.

And if the mind is the core program of all
sciences, technology, either used good and evil.

They say as eveyr person has a slightly different
use of the mind. some with speech, some with movies,
others with textual sources.

The mind has like like a operating system a couple
of basic levels. levels of operation.
If you compare it with windows, dos, apple, or unix.

So when one says, every thought i immediately accept
as a command, you cannot say, its wrong,

if another says, i see movies in my mind,
and with all kinds of adventures, you can't
say keep in reality or at most think of words or sentences.

The mind with some basic levels, of speech, movie, or textual.
textual as reading a book, or reading subtitles of movies
without seeing the movie itself.

As children sometimes learn different kinds of
inducing thinking.
Like they say,
try to see something which is not there,
or point at the tip of your nose
or to turn backwards, or other principles of
getting to think.

Ofcourse, living without thinking is
equal in rights to someone with the source of
thinking being the agent in life.

And with the doubt will you ever wake up,
when falling asleep with thinking,
the next morning you wake up in reality.

As some people say,
if you read a book, and make a photo of each page
and then after a hundred pages in the mind
ask for the essence of it, you mind gives
in then lines what the book is about.
just on the basis of the photo's
its an example of the mind as a computer.

As another example is,
if you are asked to memorize two hundred items,
think of them as laying in a room, and each on a spot
on a table or other, this kind of using your memory
you can as i have heard memorize more than five thousand
facts or other symbols.

As some have the mindcomputer attached to reality,
and can use it like magic, which is popular with illusionists,
or magicians. creating whats not there, or tricking others
to see what they do not expect to see.

Or the use of the mindcomputer to calculate a flight plan,
including complex subtasks, and being able to
trust it completely and effectively without errorpercentage.

As the programming language of the mind,
is already a vast source of beings, created by electrons,
and immersed in reality. With awareness everywhere.
as the blue print of any intelligent creation.

As some races in the universe keep a link through the mind,
and when they communicate they get either a message one
is safe, or being in danger, with the second one
the source that the race mourn for their fellow one.
as they accept a message from a far mind as the truth.

Another one, when a being, being born enters reality,
they tell him, when thinking of certain geometric structures
at birth, they get dominance by the power of the mind,
over the matter, thus able to get a very powerfull situation.

Certain tricks to trick the person,
because with the use of those symbols,
you get acquainted with the mind,
and thus enslaved to it for the whole life.

As the highest races do not use any mind,
and are scholared by the heart.
Which is not depending on the continual effort,
to grasp reality with the control of the mind.

For the highest possible is the unity with reality,
thus not depending on any dream, be it functional or pleasure.

As the mind says this is mine, and the heart says
we share benefit to a new token.

And the heart learning by attention.
And the heart having compassion, by
the insight every living being shares a soul.
thus capable of feelings, feelings of love, of fear, or grief.
feelings source of intelligent behaviour.

As a proverb: the heart gets touched by religion.

As the heart is source of wisdom,
and the mind is source of knowledge.

As as prayer from an unknown source;
May the far wise ones meditate for my wellbeing.
As meditation being of contact with attention,
As a lost time of ignorance.

As some people have a soft sound of noise in their ears,
as being a source of telepathy.
suspect a noise being a soft dense sound like
noise on television.
As children sometimes hear during the day,
and when they are used to have longer periods
of not thinking, and the unconscious mind
communicates by soft sound of noise, a noise being heard.

Like a noise of a radio not tuned in, except
with a low level of volume.

As the wise say, a mind not used,
works together for the peace of the world,
as a free mind, not under control of a human,
is like a network of a peacefull sound.
And in this meditative state,
its known for a direct influence
as buddhists say, the enlightened soul
works for the good of humanity

Like a simple comparison,
trees use their sunlight to clean the air,
as well the unused mind cleans the atmosphere.

And with the fact that children unto three or four
do not think at all, prooven by the first memory
of what people say. as this first memory
is the first thought in life.

As this first thought is the proof
that while in thought or while thinking
the mind is aware of reality.
Thus creating memories is automaticly.
The more you think the more the mind
gets grasp on reality

As a sacred rule of the indians,
the indians of the former new world.

Do think only when in danger,
and in need of support.
And think only with your eyes closed
and in a safe environnement.

With the proverb:
When thinking, wishes gets fulfilled

And withouth explanation always people
get in charm by it. Because
the real explanation is that
by thinking and the wishes getting fulfilled
you get enslaved to the method of thinking.
Because wishes are the largest bond with reality.
And by thinking instead of working at, its
a shortcut for it, but yet illegimate

With a short example

If you think of eating something very tasty,
By the thought you feel satisfied,
which takes away the wish for eating.

This gives the purpose that wishes
are for working in reality at your job,
your character, your social life,
your way to peace with life,
your peace with society.

With a proverb:
Ask in thought while in the mind,
What does thou want or wish for.

As a question to improve your mind.
And as a question to your mind.
To get an answer not expected

Ofcourse technology and science can have
a subject at every field of science,

So in the method of energy we have a small

If on earth when it rains a rainbow
is in the air, its a small signal
to a new source of energy, made by
water and sunlight. With the right conditions
its a source of abundant energy without any
bystanding riscs.

As when noach built his arch, he got the
promise of the lord to have the rainbow
as a signal a punishment of a whole planet
would not anymore be given.

but as something in hands of the lord
always have more than five reasons.
So these are two of five.

As we think of a lord of christianity,
a sideway gives its attention.

That in the kingdom of animals,
like deer fight for the right
to have a female-deer to mate with.

By fighting they enter the hierarchy,
and are bound to keep defending their

And the act of getting a mate,
makes life to a fight for status.

Which is for humans the same,
if you never get a relationship
or intimicy, you are not part of the
hierarchy. As in the hierarchy you have to
work and keep the effort to live.

For humans winthout a relationship and intimicy,
are in freedom, as they are not bound,
neither by sexuality, a well as the plight
to raise children, or uphold a partner.

This is the secret of happiness.
The secret of a life full of purpose

As the proverb says.

without a mate, life fullfils.

and the second one.

The gods as lifepartner, blesses.

As with persons who mate and are having a bond to each other,

atomic particles have a bond with each other too.

Suspect a small planet having radiation,
of both gravity and a bond to keep everything inside.

Like earth having air, and the bond of the inner atmosphere.
And having gravity, which even has a method of communicating,

gravity as a field of ether, and having an ability
of communication of lightspeed with everything inside

And with the planet, as the core of dense material, and
the outer with ozone.

Now this planet is as big as a proton,
and two proton are coupled by a quantumbond.

If the first one gives an impulse,
by the bond the other answers with the same impulse.

This method is quantumtechnology.
But there is more than we know.

This quantummethod can be used too
for making materials.

As its the source of the fantasies,
about magic.

Magic as the source created by
the quantumbonds of protons.

As magic has an invisible source,
this small explanation is enough
to find the technology its pointing too.

Proton bonds, quantum particles,
gravity-communication and comparison with planets.

As this gives from the simplest kind of technology
to the highest possibilty of management.

As we speak about management,
a president being elected,
should sign a covenant to only
upkeep the country, or to have the sole purpose
of representing the population.

Sometimes countries laugh about this rule,
but when a president signs, he is bound to it.

And whenever he fails, by the contract,
he is in violation by a rule or conduct.

And when its confirmed by law,
all the rulers are in constant reflection
by law.
as the opposite is true:
a dictator always gives the rights to himself,
and making the population as a false prevalence

As the easy rule, when a president makes false intents,
by the contract he can be fired, without abuse of power

As this brings the rule when a country has two parties
one to be republic and the other democrats.
And the proverb being this.

Two eyes, Two hands.

Which means when you have a country,
you need two presidents with equal rights
and with equal power.

And if you have two political goals,
you give both the power to have a president.

In extent to politics, the method
of planning a countries origins.

You should give citizens the right to choose
to be part of two sides in reality.

One to be in a capitalistic structure,
the right to earn money, to have property,
to get a job, and get better by it.

And the other one a communist structure,
giving people the safety of a basic income,
and the safety to never be in problems
of not having a home or food.

As we compare, communism is in
religious sense like the mercy of christianity.

and capitalism is like the other religions,
which say you have to earn by karma.
(karma being good deeds, or compassion with the defective ones)

With life to be in extent to reality,
an advanced race can have the intent
to live longer than normal.

Which brought me to a memory,
of being in a desert and with the ruins
of a past civilisation, being led by technology.

As i found a backpack of a medic, or a soldier
appointed by a certain task.with the symbol
on its back, of three circles, with blue, red and white
like the airforce of england in the second world war

As i connected with the wire at the bottom
to my sinews. in my spline.

I was getting an introduction message,
with three sentences,
the first one, do you accept the mission of
the army of Militare Auronautica,
with the symbol of the britain airforce,
the three circles with colored, i recollect blue, red and white.

The second one, are you aware that your
body will be kept alive surpassing normal conditions.

The third one, you will be rewarded for every
deed you do in service to the military.

Next then i got the message a venom was
used to put my out of order,
as the venom was of a spider,
giving your sinew-network in your body
a paralysing effect, which would lead to
death within two minutes.

As i had the backpack, it shew me
five seconds the spider being indexed.
and that it was neutralised.

This gave me the idea, that the backpack
was more than a computer, or a normal

As the backpack must have had
living technology.
of both ability to use known
science, and a intelligence
able to cope with new problems.

As the method to keep a body alife,
is by transversal fluid,
when attached to the network of sinews,
giving all cells a kind of life-feeding
keeping them alife, at riscs of both
damage, blood circulation problems, as well
as hazardous conditions.

Which brought me from the idea on military
to the status of a kingdom and its king or queen.
As in some regions is thought,
that a king is the represant of the religious part.
Like being represant of god, or appointed by god
for leading a country.

And that politics, with its senate is appointed
to represent the population.

This gives the country the feeling they have
to protect their king at all costs.

As you can say, if a king is by god appointed,
the social rules, morality, ethical grounds,
and the grace of a religion, is all part of his job.

Ofcourse when politics, are based by science,
a voice is that a royal house does not have
a very vivid role anymore.

But even a ceremonial role can be an influence
to give the country both a measure for hierarchy,
and a measure for all things superceeding normal politics.

As both a senate and a king, can reflect on behaviour,
giving more safety to such thing as a temporary government.
Or an appointed responsability.

Even when you say a king is by god appointed,
or it cannot be.
Like a god is head of a religion,
a king is head of a country, so
roles are comparable

This idea, when comparing human societies
in different dimensions.v is that a king is the absolute ruler,
and even the smallest crime to a king is by death penalty.
and other possible rules that people can be
forced to slavery, to a king and country.

As a new civiilisation invents timetravel,
as sometimes higher races offer as a technology,
which is sometimes abjected and later accepted,
like the question was given to me,
ten years later i accepted the technology.

And with the threefold law of it,
the first, when you travel through dimensions,
you can get entangeld by the sides it gives.

By example if you visit the same timeline twice, and
the second you experience the mistakes you made during
the first mission, you feel guilty, you feel powerless.

The first rule is that time is linear,
and in the moment, always floats as a current.
So when visiting a timeline more than three times
gives all people with a mind the most incertitude,
they say don't think for the moment is linar without
doubt without failingg intelligence.

The second rule is,
don't cause political change,
as the politics are being watched by bigger than us.

The third rule is,
Don't interfere in religion, for the message,
or gospel of it, is introduced by a higher intelligence.
As angels and gods depict them.

When as an agent you have to timetravel
you can feel the insecurity of what reality is.
Like the human idea, being immersed in virtual reality,
with the technlogical advancement of equality in visibilty.

Then this proverb is relevant

if brahman is.

With the explanation, if you don't
know where brahman is, as the ultimate reality,
without name or form.
You always relocate as the reality in front of you,
and brahman as the ultimate reality holding
that reality inside it.

For the meaning is, if you are in a dream world
within a dreamworld, you will never know when in
the real reality, thus you can pose,
which is reality and is called reality also by others,
is reality, is brahman.

with the second proverb.

Brahman can be thought eigthy layers.

As the agent pondered time travel he
had the thought that a race he visited,
was in computing with computers able
to use feelings as variables,
and as they where longing to new the
ultimate truth, as the gospel of life,
as the fountain of youth,
as the ultimate philosophy,
they created a computer,
and gave a agent the task to transfer his
soul into the computer,
and the computer imitated a timeline
from dinosaurs to men, and his task
was by hardship to find the ultimate wisdom.

The agent pondered the idea, and made the
virtual note that after the agent was brought into
a dinosaur, and maybe in a human world, there was no
news about it. So will this agent find the wisdom,
Will he be protected against hardship,
will his body not being used survive.

As speaking of virtual worlds,
a popular hobby was in a certain world
to have virtual reality, as coupled to
the experience of worlds and lifes.

As a popular man said, it was against rules
to immerse someone in a dream world,
because the aware person looses life in it,
and where does the soul reside.

As this man was forced himself to immerse in the
virtual world, and as his life progressed,
they said, his body died, and by news his soul
was in heaven.

But what if the body died, and the soul
was kept in virtual life being immersed
not even aware of his real life.

this man said, that all lost souls,
nobody knows where they are and if reasonable
laws in virtuality where applicable.

This problem was even on religious agenda's
a point of importance. because this man
gave the problem and was kept as victim

With this technology,
a prayer arises.

And a proverb:

The pearl is in the deepest ocean.

With the mathematical formula coupled to the
application. when the person says a word
he wakes up, so after virtual life
they wake up in the body.

Except when a virtual life ends,
and the body doesn't wake up.

Or by using a word, the person
does not know and has no speech.

Or the simple fact that a person
immersed in it surrenders.
What will happen when a person
as so called surrenders to a virtual world.
or surrenders to the computer
or is it called a surrender to a religion
even when immersed in virtuality.

Even with ethical values
if a person is in the dreamworld,
and religions are different their,
as the idea of reality,
is it obliged to have the real religions
in the dream world or virtual world too.

With the example of a dreamer
in danger and praying to a god,
What if the god does not exist,
and the computer handles the requests.

As even a living soul wants
to be in reality, enjoying the friendship
of work, art and religion.

As the ethical question.
is a soul being subaltern to a computer

As in hinduism is said,
during the last life,
you have memories about past lives.
Which is like a visual impression,
of a small situation, mostly either
a time of five minutes or the idea or complex
sense of a situational impression.

These memories, as information,
can be like a novel about a certain

As the primitive worlds,
when hearing of technological problems
of ethical or morality they cast one out
as a mental disease.
Giving blame to new science,
as the mental patient, is a person
being honored by the gods.

As the wisdom of not being the doer.
surrendering the doership, is even
a complex idea for very advanced worlds.
As that proverb about not being the doer,
is from the highest wisdom.

Everyone attaining it, is the highest caste,
in all worlds, times an dimension.

As one attains, never falls back, never fails lifetask.

As with the example;
one the more advances, the more bound to status, willpower,
and property.

As one believes the Creator,
and advanced believes they create and thus creator

As a dictator says i'm allmighty,
and thus the real allmighty does not exist.

This is proof advanced civilisations,
have more difficulty believing to be servant
of real Creator or Allmigthy.
as they have higher control.

As with all politics and the usual stuff
between races from near to far.
and from primitive to advanced,

the more advanced a race is,
the more they use means of conduct.

Which means if they need to interfere
in a society, planet or dynasty they
use means in a short path or step above.

This means, if the race is with bodies
of an atom big, they will use bodies
of a civilisation one step above humans,
thus sending persons looking like humans,
with by example a green skin,
and the intelligence slightly bigger than us.

This is a basic rule for interference,
when at a certain level this kind
of rules are obeyed.

As a thought on justice gave me a vision
on one of the things on earth.

Take for example hitler of second world war,
now add he turns many over to his belief
and get them into his power. but now with
the act of telepathy, and by using telekinesis,
causing a very big time of hardship for more
than five planets.

As such a person would get a lawsuit,
and is convicted for both the crimes,
and the evil influencing of others,
as well as keeping his slaves being
forced to what he wants.

The penalty is, in earthly terms
capital punishment. and with the
severity of the crime, in some dimensions
they give death penalty with an additional pain-impulse.

As penalty among a higher race they say,
we convict you, we send you in exile,
we cast you out, and give you a place
no one will help you, and no one will save you.

Now if this person is from outer space,
he may be used as a guinea pig.
As its basis of a science to learn
the design of all living beings, in universe

if we say how are ethical rules,
in comparison with the philosophy
that every creature has a soul.
and thus the experience of feeling pain, grief, joy and peace.

As the comparison with other science fiction
authors, like Larry Niven, Greg Baer,
Frank Herbert, Isaac Asimov,
and Felix Thijssen.

They all write about coverups from
far space, as well as other dimensions.

Which all are bundled in the X files,
as the visible television series, only
giving the name Xfiles a meaning,
able to point all the files to it.

As Agent X, if you suspect is a group of agents,
giving time and effort to a religious group,
equal to the freemasons, and compared too
the Agent group with numbers like 007,
a group all called agent X.

They operate at the border of the high society,
and watches all government, including the
super rich. They are in service to the greater good,
and keeps the hierarchy in the right place.

These agents as called Agent X,
are all in function and are the source of
whats called in freemason language,
an new era of wealth, health and prosperity.

As each author has the freedom to use
the words he wishes, this book is a compilation
of the greatest ideas in science fiction.
With the cover up, of everyone with the mind
turned on not able to grasp all and everything thats written

The agency, as source of the wellbeing of society
keeps the social structures in place,
and gives all politics the feeling they are needed,
As well it gets the population to accept laws,
laws of reason, laws of freedom, laws of religious kind

The agency abiding by rules, rules of a convention,
Rules of legimate action, rules of intentions.

These agency, visible in the extent of the happiness
of society, and the paths to an advanced civilisatiojn.

The agency, giving deep information on important
technologies, which in the future are needed
for our own protection, the protection of the human race.

As a small example of the Water-Tax-Administration,
forcing all inhabitants to forced labor, to recreate
water to purify and to make it ready for usage.

As well as the freedom of the author
to create a universe, with new rules,
with new inhabitants, a universe
filled with magic, magic of unknown kind.
A movie which plays in the head of those who read.

The freedom of the author, when life fails
to be adventurous, fails to be exciting,
it gives the right to invent your own life,
as catched in words, as catched in new technologies.

The freedom of the author, to write about
fantasies, touching the life of the real universe,
a universe filled with gnomes, elves, monks, magicians
and all in the skin of a stranger.

The freedom of the author, giving a magic wand
the property to give a life full of adventure,
full of heroism, full of secret patriotic service.

The freedom of the author, as all shares
the condition of writng whats not real, whats not there.

As the mystery of a writer, an author, is that
everyone thinks the world of his books are real,
and only he knows, it does not exist.

As the magic of the writer, is to let people
believe they look beyond the curtain of daily life.

As those walking in a desert,
believe there is water, and runs to it,
and find a bunch of bedouin, who invite
all guests with water, friendship.

As the desert hold the knowledge of the far past.
as each drop of water enlivens a meter of desert,
and the oasis of wisdom is planted where the desert
meets the living race of intelligence.

As the author enlivens his knowledge
of past times, and thus creating his universe,

he came in touch with the opposite of his gender,
as he touched the ideal girlfriend,
who only lives in the awareness of those
who are without.

As the author was full of respect for his
time of working in labor to society,
thus giving the love of a friendship
the time to be free, free without life.

The author as he went without befriending,
choose to fill his life with the art of finding
wisdom. As wisdom is the guide as layed in the old
books, as the result of lore, to happiness.

As the author went on living, found secrets
of a society which gives its mercy only to those
whose only goal it is to reach religion.

The author who retrieved precious gifts of
wisdom, from a sourc which is heard by those
who have the silence to accept living

This author, as he wrote about wisdom,
When he wrote about his meaning in the sense
that religion is more than words.

The author, living on in the devotion,
that being an instrument of a godhead gives
the grace of leading others on the path of prayer.

This Author who choose to have his leading principle
as the deep and silet prayer. being in attention
towards the gods of all religion.
Keepin christianity and hinduism both as eqally gifted.

This author who creates worlds, and destroys them,
along to the history books, which gives a line towards,
the goal of humanity.

Humanity as a process in reality, in time,
Humanity as a unity, led by wisdom and happiness.
Humanity, as the prayer for the greater good.
Humanity as the principle to be humane.

This author created in his intuition,
the Agency of which all where named Agent-X.

This author, by prayer, buried the books of the holy,
for all holiness is by prayer.

This author, by virtue, called the wise, the angels,
the gods, the godesses to enliven their legacy.

This author, who dedicated his time,
even did not demand a good status, was dedicated
to write about all things between earth and heaven.

As the author found, that life is worth every bit of it,
and all hardship and suffering is like a penalty by the gods.

As in christianity they say, we all are guilty of sin,
and need the forgiving, as i found the gem of wisdom.
Ask a life ordeal and pay the penalty. as sin being judged,
gives the humane chance to get close to the gods again.

As the author, as drawing his painting of rembrandt
who did look in a silver mirror, was bound by the
language he choose to use.

While in deep prayer of the things he knew,
and the dimensions asking for his support,
at a dying civilisation,
as in hinduism the world of asura's
even don't know reasonable law and reasonable justice.

This author, deep in prayer, lost his sense of doing,
the things to enjoy living, as work, as worldpeace,
are more important thant the small wishes, of doing
the things giving a feeling that you are part
of society.

The author, as one author among the thousands
choosing words, creating sentences, filling pages.
giving his meaning to the paper,
creating his feelings as a image visible to the reader.

This author, writing on, writing on,
did do nothing to get all the readers,
being invited to find the precious gem,
the gem of information.

This author, who is just a man, among
society, not being gifted with presents
of gold, gifted with presents of jewels.

As the author walks the path of prayer,
regarding his partner of conversation,
to be a girlfriend as beautifull as can be,
but without an image of her, and only the feeling
that she hears. As in religion only the All-Creator
has the beauty connected to it.

The author walking the path of life,
all man and women seeking a friend to fullfill
the only goal of carrying on their genes,
carrying on their soul in their children
as their most precious property is the gene
and the look in the eyes of their children.

This author walking on,
felt sometimes as a curse, not having the
happiness of a girlfriend, and sharing the joy of life.

The author walked on,
choosing religions, getting the look
at the importance of rules, commandments,
and the road to strive virtues.
The road to learn, to experience.

This author who saw,
each human is seperated from the other,
as when you would feel all others as your own,
you could not even do your daily task.

As the author saw,
life is a quest for the goal.

As the author saw,
life is a gift of the gods,
taking back may only be a prayer.

As the author saw,
How is the world divided in
suffer and peace.

As the author saw,
gold only has a value when coupled to religion.
And gems are only for trading, or trading for happiness.

As i found a purse full of gold,
i pondered how to spend.

I can spend at the shop getting food being delicious,
I can spend it at the school, getting education,
Or shall i spend it at religion.

As i pondered what to do,
i thought i can spend it on poverty,
as the karma gives a chance to get religious.

I thought to spend it at the wise and holy,
as it gives the mercy of a entry ticket to heaven.

But the purse of gold,
was not mine, so i left it on the place i saw.
And by walking on,
i spend my laborexpense at poverty,
i ate during my worktime the delicious food,
as i got educated as a paid prerequisite for working.
Then while the job was busy, i was given a chance
to do a deepcover at religion as a special reward for dedicated working.

Among those who work serious and do their best,
i was among the wise and holy to ask for guidance.

So the wish for a purse full of gold,
was fulfilled by the steadfast chance to work, to be of
avail for society.

As the gift of work is more than the gift by a lottery,
As the gift of life is worth more than the gift of artificial life.
As the gift of a soul more than the use of a mind.

As the sincere prayer: i am available for Work or Labor.
is already a chance of deserving a job.

I got a signal that in a particlegenerator they found
an new substance, which did not have a name yet.

As gravitas is the force pulling everything to
the core of a planet, they found a particle
being the opposite, as it is levitas.

This new subtstance levitas has a lot of good
applications, as its the pure use of
nullifying gravity,

as with one drop of it in any ship up to
a spaceshuttle gives the force to leave
a gravity area without any effort.

As this substance is levitas,
and even works against gravity,
where other technologies only
diminish gravity without a force
of pure acceleration.

As this new particle was found,
i sensed an object above earth,
a kind like a satellite,
it was making thoughts wander off
wandering of the subject.

As this was a usefull tool thousands of years ago,
when the last superior human race was
send in exile, a scientific exile.

All possible technology doing harm,
was being forgotten immediately,
and a object in the sky watched
over mankind, and whenever a new
idea did arise, the satellite made
the mind of that person clear.

This i sensed in a region far away,
which was the source i could locate the
satellite. Which was of an advanced kind.

Because satellites of lower kind are
being assembled, and use plating attached
on a simple way.

And advanced satellites are immersed in liquid,
and then like a silver ball, completely without edges.

As these advanced satellite was immersed in silver liquid.
Which is an art, because the computer, normally cannot stand
that temperature.

So i located the satellite,
and it was of higher order, because
the shell was molded silver.

When i found that first one,
and it was cleaning my head too,
i could locate the others,
of which three more existed.

As this technology was by as past
civilisation, and as we had a pact with them,
in that far past time, i left the satellites
intact, and i even wrote in the guideline,

not a guide to be followed,
but a guideline of all things being checked,
and things being accepted or rejected.

As talking and thinking about the silver orb
or silver orbs as satellites, which
creates the fog on certain knowledge,
i remememberd that it had command-module
by which it is operated.
which was by the use of the I-Ideal.
Which is a module attached to the back of the head.
It looks like a silver plate of one centimeter, round.

This module can communicate with all appliances,
as that old civilisation used for herding their people.

This I-Ideal had an I-can. which could transfer the
commands from the person to the nearby sattellite.

The I-Ideal also had an I-cam, able to record all
visible information, of the agens using it.

With the I-dual part of it, every agent
has immediate contact with their life partner.
To ensure all agents keep up the job,
and when an agent would violate his mission or rules,
their lifepartner was used to recalibrate them,
as recalibrating, is an euphemism for a grave talk.

As with the I-dual, you can guess that
even an I-phone or an I-Pad can be connected.

For all advanced civilisation include their
own means of use in possible science.

Which gave the memory of a royal family from another place,
another dimension. As royals have a palace,
and when they delegate royal tasks to politics,
or appointed leaders, they have the time for
leisure, as the royal family
and the race they where appointed by,
where fond of having contact with other intelligent races
in their nearby planets,
As they spend their time in the royal hall,
and high officers of other races where in the hall,
as it was a privilige to be among the royals.

So these royals, and high officers of other races,
spend their time in leisure during all days.

As i had the memory, i saw the easy thing,
some of the high officers, did not have good intentions,
and were even able to telepathy.

So sometimes people can be blind to their own
surrounding, as they are proud of who they are
and feel as they are above others.

As such a memory among other memories
are like during the day the thoughts
to open your vision and see whats beyond.

I remembered a dumb race not able to
even grasp the use of names.

As when a race like birds are with a collective
and all fly after the first one.

They have no names, and are just
pointed at with the whole flock, or whole race.

But even with no names, there is a method to
communicate with them.

As they are a flock, you ask all questions at the flock
adressing their whole collective.

And if they answer, you point at them and say
so you hear, so i hear.

If they are a collective you then admit,
that even when they don't feel its true
you are part of it. part of the collective.

As primitive races part of a collective always
are in contact with each other, and pretending
you are too, gives the method to communicate.

As some primitive races believe,
that as they have an orb around their planet.
Its sometimes that that orb is part
of a network to collect information,
or have a basis.

As movies of the trumanshow, are that city,
is a movie set, and the headactor just lives,
without his actorship.

The moon around earth is used for such a movie
too, giving higher races the choice to have
a leisure time, short or longer as an actor on earth.

As a book of isaac asimov describes a planet with
apes and monkeys and through a small operation chamber
they are operated, as with the risc when
dying as an ape, the body in the chamber dies too.

As on the moon an operation unit controlls
if the so called actors are safe. in movies
of science fiction, planet of the apes,
they believe there are cages on the shadowside,
never noticed.

If you compare it too mental health,
all psychich disabled persons,
are held in cages at the other side of the moon.

No one guessing what they experience,
at least the lack of sunlight,
at least the lack of earthly gravity.

As sunlight gives energy,
and gravity always bring back to earthly knowledge

As for the quest of the galaxy to be abundant,
and to have prosperity as a right.
As well to travel large distances and
make copies of all technology coming across.

One of the copies i saw when visiting the
museum of intergalactic journeys,

was a copy of the core of reality.
As i suppose all creatures inside reality
share their bond in any way, with different
characteristics, and with different view to it.

As one specie was very wise and tried to copy
the core of reality. which is both geometrical,
as well as linguamatic.

As the core of reality they imitated gave them
powers beyond the natural ability to retrieve knowledge.

As this core of reality,
with its opposite the core of imagination,
both where valued to their cause.

The core of reality able to attach
everyone to reality who lost their bond.

This core, as was copied looked like an
object being normal, because it was made of
silver and gold. with the centre of an emerald.

The core of reality, whoever looks to it,
gets the strong bond with reality back,
as most creatures experience in their early youth.

The specie of which it was copied,
was called a hindu civilisation,
and it was the total geometrical boundaries,
with the emerald as the crownjewel in the midtst of it.

As this hindu civilisation,
estimate the souls as higher than the minds of them,
as the mind is source of illusion, and the soul
gives the warmth of wisdom. without price, without cost.

This core of reality, was very costly,
as it was the only one in the galaxy,
as far as our race knows of the journeys.

This core of reality,
even a copy does not come near
to the original. if you take the numbers,
the real gives a bond of full awareness,
and the copy gives the choice
either to be deluded, or in illusion,
and the other side to be heartfull in awareness.

Except this copy does not give the total
ability to be perpetual in contact with the reality.

But as far as all people, and creatures have,
the choice, to at will be aware is already
a grace and blessing for most and many.

As well the opposite,
there are many races using the mind
as a computer to improve their life.

For example in the medieval times,
only fantasy was being a function of the mind,
and when human race improved
the found new abilities for using their mind.

From finding all kinds of knowledge to
creating worlds in the blink of an eye.

As all those imaginary worlds,
as you visualize them, they have
all kinds of details being of use
for everyone.

As the highest function for a human,
is to fantasize about a whole life,
except while dreaming you loose
the memories of your real life.

But some value the dreamlife, from birth to death,
full of knowledge and visions be of higher avail.

For example,
you dream of a life of a monk,
a monk form birth to adulthood and
being accepted in a monestary,

In the monestary he writes about
religious subjects, and does do a lot of

In this dreamworld he lives to seventy years
of age. and dies.
Next minute the dreaming person awakes.

He as he dreamt forgot his real name, life and family.
As he tells them about his dream,
they say, you prayed for fourty years in the dreamworld
And you wrote about religion.

How good of you, because religion says
even dreaming about devotion is an entrance
to the real religions.

Another example is the dream life,
being about science, and giving in the seventy years
inside the dream, all the introductory knowledge to
open the path to superior knowledgde.

For humans, their own life is the largest concept,
also in relation to society.
so the largest possible dream is about a dream life,
during as long as a real life can be.

As the mind is source of the highest technlogies,
the mind copies of the reality bound science.

So all things invented by the mind,
already exist in realilty, and time.

As the mind can be used for all purposes,
in religion, they say, forget the mind,
and start experiencing life as it comes.

For using the heart gives grace
by every minute being aware.
As the head needs the effort of maintaining.

As with the head, you have personal gain,
and the heart gives gain for reality.

This idea of the reality core,
is from a hindu civilisation.

As most planets who are being made ready
for living, they give a religion as its source.
For every intelligent specie has the right
for a goal surpassing normal life.

As when planets are made ready,
the usual sequence is first to
change rocksolid to sand and earth,
next is to use a micro-vessel able
to make from a methane or gasious
substance an atmosphere with both air,
and a layer around of ozone.

After that an enzyme is used to made from
earth a substance ably to give life.

When in this process a world is ready for
inhabitants, they are brought there,
and get the usual stuff with them.

As they are colonizing a new planet,
and the journey towards is like a
pleasure trip comparable to a cruise-ship.

At the last month in travelling they get
the chance to prepare by looking
virtual worlds learning the basics
of living.

As i have been on a settlementship,
and was ordered to learn agriculture,
except i choose to learn religion.

By this is the usual process is described.

As sometimes a world is already been lived on
by a specie comparable to us.

And we just silently put our own on it,
as if we are in peace with them no one cares.

As i was sometimes checking a world for
how to interfere and make an outpost on it.

I was in a hospital, and a ward was there
except there was a screen on the wall,
and they said it was the screen at which
a queen was to be choosen, as the longer than
a normal visit was on the screen.

A screen normally giving image to a natural setting without
the body of a person in the movie,
and when someone applying to be the queen,
was placed inside the movie. and as some say
some tests in it are grave and others easy.

Except to enter the movie,
You had to insert the feeding tube inside your spline
on the back of the body.

And the consciousness of the person was
pulled into a invisible machine.

And all the people visiting could watch
if this person would become the queen.

Some say the tests where easy,
but others say it looks easy but
with the context of all kind of tests,
from psychological to ethical questions,
and some intertwined with the
question if reacting is responsability.
with without reacting even being false or wrong.

As this screen and the ward was on a planet we
visited at first looked like the feeding tubes,
where to collect blood for a race of vampires.

As this method of blood collecting
was named vamping. as its a civil method
for them to feed.

As this example of a screen had a second one,
as it was a chance or prayer to be in visible motion
on a religious scale. as the second movie was
to show a life of a saint, without the hardship
recollecting to a position.

As this second one, according to jnana loka
was a prayer to the Allmigthy, as sometimes
people think its easier to see a saintlife on television
than meeting one in real life, as the border of a screen
is in the visible region of the eyes,

As a couple of other examples,
named in certain cultures.

was one in the chinese caves, where a unusual kind of
technology was seen as an oracle giving the chinese
government a leading position in technology
As for people it looked like a television,
of five metres-radius and round.

As they said the oracle was guarded
by a dragon, some named it tiamat who
ruled this oracle.

A very advanced kind of such a screen
was the first quantumcomputer,
which is even a scientific use of religion,
as you can ask the computer any question,
and by a quantumprocess it gave its answers.

As the first of this computers was given
to a person of the united nations.

As comparable to the oracle in the
significance of the use of it.

A small protection unit was given
to all royal houses on the planet,

as the unit was small to fit in the
arm pit, and protect the bearer
from any thing interfering health.

As it could detect metal, force,
and energy compliant substances.

As this armpit unit,
could protect a royal member
of anything harming or able to harm.

As this unit, was of advanced kind,
it was that expensive that it was only
gifted to them.

As speaking of the oracle and
the quantum computer i recollected that
on a planet of us,
when emerging from the electronic use
of all technology,

We had a large centre of citizends protection,
as cp was called the largest of the planet,
and kept everything safe.

As it was a large centre, and the fear
for a worldwide disaster was apparent,
it had a computer program watching and observing

With the method when in danger,
a voice command could let the centre
become a fortress and the area of
intel-workers would disappear from plain sight
and would get underground with a wall
of three metres steel and concrete.

When this voice command was given,
they would assume that as the order
came from the responsable spokesman,
the computer would place the building
immediately in protection.

As cp was effective, and the voice command
was given, the building went underground,
except that the voice command was not given
by the one who was allocated.

As the cp-building went underground,
and no one of the people inside knew
that there was not any disaster,
they re assesed the voice command system.

As when the building was saved by an order
to re-examine all commands,
by which it was going accesible again,

They went investigating how or why it happened,
and they had a reason to choose if voice commandment
is a reasonable way to defend from disasters.

As problems in planetical governance is the main
cause for civilisation downgrade.
And upgrade always depends on a big spirit, or a
deep religious devotion.

As determined, the use of a planet,
and the society with the science,
is the first couple of era's with the use of
a solar orb, a sun or a light source.

As when they emerge into the lightworlds,
they are able to get or create a lightsource
above and around their planet.

As all know a fishing net, as four metres,
with strings making squares of twenty centimetres,
this example and in the air, round the level of the
stratosphere, is a fishing net of solar substance,
by chemical position of sunlike energy.

As the fishing net is around the globe,
giving daylight in a stable fashion.

As this daylight is recumbered in its science,
and is a stable source for the whole planet,

the necessity of a solar orb, is not required,
for the planet has its own source,
but the use of advanced technology.

As the solar orb may wear out,
the planet can use its fishing net
of energy or sunlight to maintain sentient life.

As some when hearing this kind of technology
to replace the solar orb,
they ask if there are models already in the universe,

as tell are told, that the nebulae or orion systems,
are a simple example of it. As for large distance
it looks like energy structures,
while if you would look closely,
you would be able to examine and get result.

As when talking about the invisible source,
some chinese cultures are committed to
a dragon, as the chinese celebrations
are with dances of dragons.

As chinese cultures accept the
existence of dragons, as beings
capable of communication,
almost as if a god or goddess appear to be.

Dragons, as we as humans depend on
our hands, legs, and our vision to
be able to handle life.

These dragons can operate
computers far more complex than us.
And they can operate by a telepathic source
of communication, as well as using a keyboard
without visible hands.

These dragons are like more than fifteen metres long.
As they still float around the world.
As being source of chinese civilisation.
Ever watching their crowd and population.

As we all know how dragons look,
from fantasy, television, or cultural history.

When thinking about dragons,
i as well remembered a joke of a child,
with the oneliner, don't think of a white bear,
he changed to: Think of a white dolphin.

As an easy thought a dolphin is capable
of telepathy or telecommunication,
as a dolphin does not need a mind to communicate.

So even in psychiatry, when patients
think often about dolphins, or angels as well,
they can heal their mind, and learn to
be in charge of it.

And in psychiatry, the severest patients,
you better can say to them to not think at all.
Because in their mind their is no use for a living,
and leaving it unused gives them the experience,
of a normal life, as a feeling intuitive person.

As well as two jokes, of a the child,

In about hundred years, water will be expensive,
like one mili liter at five thousand of silver coins.

And in about two hundred years, water will be the
trading method, the use of money as water will be.

This is not the same as the method that water is,
to be the tax method, the use of converting black water
to the usuable kind.

As well that what they call medicine for mental diseases,
not infuences at the mind, as most think,
but influences the feelings and emotions,
that when leaking to the mind gives the panic, suffering and incontrollable
thoughts. Which gives it the use of medicine for diseases in emotions too.

As another subject is that in certain worlds,
babys or embryo's spend months or years in the womb of the mother,
as they all are diverse in the length of growing in the womb,
and only appear when they theirselves are ready for it,

As well as embryo's of another race spend in an artificial womb,
where they learn to speak thousand languages too.

And in a third one, they are in the womb, and are
asked to surrender to their mother, giving the mother
the rights to offer them their own wisdom in a fashion,
able in society for a structural way.

As a fourth one is the growth of an embryo,
with brains, and conscioussness,
and the embryo' choosing in the womb which
wisdom to encompass and embrace,
resulting in the character or the emotional attitude.

As well as by choice able to enlarge intelligence,
take hardware wired emotional responses, and a system
of how to cope with new information.

As we talk about the use of new kind of intelligent species,
i recollect as a specie had a kind of dna-sequencer.
Able to change dna to certain characteristics.

As each dna string, as from one base to several
where coupled to names of persons.

As on earth every person has two or more names,
as the surname is the family name,
and the fisrt name depicting emotional attitude,
intelligence precursors.

the specie i talk about,
had dnacodes coupled to names.
Like dna itself is called dana.

And all greek godesses, and gods,
where all a dna coding system,
to give names, and dna-information.

As all greek heroes where called to a subset
of dna-coding algortihms.

The spartan name was coupled to all
coding details of the soldier-blueprint.

As the goddess athena, was coupled to
all intelligence services. as she had
the wit, and the sincerity to cope with.

As one of the rules regarding new species,
is the intelligence recurrence.
A rule that intelligence has three possibilities
for a test. the higher the result the more

As this test is by intelligence recurrence,
its a test, that if a specie is tested,
by three times, its measured by its

As this test abbreviated is IR.
Most new species, are tested without them
knowing it. When after the test
they have a certain role accepted in hierarchy,
they sometimes whine about,
that if they would have known,
they could have had a better chance.

Excpet the generic answer is that intelligence
is more than just coping with prefabricated problems.

As the IR, the test given to humans, will give certain
views to how humanity cope with it.
As the following is the drawback on front of any test

First that the indians where driven off their homeland,
Second that many countries have a national debt.
a debt of more than a years income or national product.

And Third that almsot every country has a
defense military force, snooping money away
from decent poverty and medical services.

As the fourth, the riches are in the hands of a select group.

And fifth, its despised to as a specie eat
creatures depending on the same kind of energy source.
Being mammals, breathing air, eating vegetable or animal origin,
and able to coordinate moving with muscles equal.

As the IR-Test mostly truthfull in its result,
and these five drawbacks even in front of any test,
does not give a very good view on humanity.

As these drawbacks give a elucidated view,
on the work humanity has to deal with
before able to join the ranks of a society
of universal and multiversial kinds.

As this made me think about atlantis,
where a very advanced civilisation was giving all
inhabitants a living.

As they had electronics coupled to
water based science, and from lightspeed
computers to force fields,
they were proud on their status,
except they said,
we can bear an attack
of a thousand armies, before
our energy and forcefields wear out.

Except by their pride,
and their profanity they invited
the ordeal of an angel.
And as religion hold the key
to everything.

So this gives the humble opinion
that religion can supercede any technology.

As atlantis was a kind of civilisation,
and making technology giving prosperity.

another world,
was with the highest grade of capitalism,
and they had a government.

Only rich people could get insurance,
and when people not in favor to the royal house
would call for a insurance, health care, or
a conflict for a lawsuit,

they were warded off with no visible reasons.

And when poor people would get debts,
they were traded for their organs,
as even organs could be removed without
aftercare, by which they would see their

As with the rule to have organs to be sold for
debts, they also could be sold, for the heigth of
the debts as slaves.

They give the false argument that people being
sold for debts gives them the feeling to
be responsible for their lives, and to be
individualistic about it.

As capitalism strides for a good status,
as only millionaires or up higher have a decent living.

As well that enemies of royal house,
unexpectedly are being persecuted,
with reasons, smart people know to be

As well that when theire is a pecking order,
it already begins with the rich children
getting education and the poor ones,
need to attend child labor.

As an example of capitalism,
is more thant just the numbers, or
the chances one gets.

As in capitalism very rich people say,
poor people are third-rate and inferior,
because they either have no intelligence,
or have no soul, or are inferior because
they get chances but not take them.

As the highclass in capitalism,
have all kinds of reasons to
justify their position.

As a rule i recollected
the intelligentsia are a group
of people having more than two degrees
at the universtiy,
and the rule was they could condemn
people for crimes not prooven,
as they had higher status,
they had privileges.

As with the fall of atlantis,
and the rise of a new world.

As with the rise of technology
of the television, of the virtual worlds.

A very rich person, who was interested
in the human condition, as it is by some
reaction driven, or active responsing,
as virtual worlds are the best way
to experiment on consciousness.

Like on the earthly television,
you can choose the movie the serie
you like to watch.

As this very rich man,
as some say becoming rich
is partly a ruthless cause.

This man created a couple of
virtual worlds, from an interactive movie
And he coupled th reward of five million
to it, to whoever would watch the whole

As some people know,
children are primed to their mother,
and adults are primary protecting
and nurturing their children,
as statesman primary protect the society.

This very rich man,
used a series of psychological concepts,
to test and testify the soul of a human.

As this movie, or virtual world,
was in a scientific world,
they made a copy and gave the idea
to a movie-maker, a director.

As no one knows which movie it is,
and the reward was not for the earthly copy.

As this play was for that man an
amusement to look how all would

Ofcourse, a copy on earth would
include the feeling that even
religion would not give faith.

And the copy would not at front of
warn people of the kind of incertitude it can cause.

And this copy, who knows what the
inventor, the rich man will do,
when he hears a human watchin the copy,
without coming into big distress.

As sometimes a joke between rich men,
when a poor man wants to get rich,
he only needs to watch this movie.

As poor people sometimes choose to
watch the movie, and even looses
their basic feeling of being
happy with relatives, of cheap food,
being delicious.

As this movie gave the idea on
the homes of the rich.

One was a glass orb of 15 metres radius,
and with glass ceiling.
It was expensive because it was glass
without any framework,
with a round form
and it was situated in the woods
As well it consisted of a voice commanded entrance.

The other idea of a living place,
was possibly of another world,
high up in the air, like a
floating castle.

With its anchor of gravity
neutral matter,
as two spheres connected with a
shard or triangle with one
large side.

As it was high up in the air,
the ones living there had
the peace of a harmonious surrounding.

As with most riches and glory,
once in a time the desire arises
to change your dna, to a more fruitfull one.

Erasing diseases, changing the posture,
getting more smart or just the game
of a lifechanger.

As they say the dna-genome is
a story, a book of nice plays.

They say if you change one word,
in an important spot it can cause
a opposite changement.

If you change half a page
you can turn into a monster

If you change a page,
it can give after five hundred years
a deficit causing extinction.

As they say:
the changement of
mitochondrial-dna is transferrable
by a mere handshake.

If you can change the color of the eyes
by changing two words in a full book,
what can be changed if we change
five words in a section not directly

As rich people can start the game
of changing dna, in pursuit of
maybe exisiting everlasting life,

or the pursuit of adapting
the physical body to the picture
in the mind, as most people
are not content with their own
life, their own appearance.

The rich people even able
to hire poor or despised people
and ask them to accept a dna-treatment,
just for the fun. Of which
is not known, if they get aberrant.

As for the games of the rich people,
there is another one, but than of the poor.

As i saw a child of ten being arrested
by a medical company,
as they say only poor or gypsies can be used
because human law does not apply to them.

This boy was used to harvest his life-energy.
As life energy being stolen, or taken away,
is source of the technology of Dark Life Matter.

As you use life energy for giving living beings
the breath of life, and the purpose of living.

These stolen life energy becomes black life matter,
as its a precious source, a source of making
living beings, in the shape of what science wants.

As a new living being, sculptured by black life matter
is aplicable as soldiers, as golems, robotics,
and when a new science is discovered,
the means to the total of usage gets visible.

As a child, being appointed as a poor one,
even when he had parents in the country
of his identity, parents, member
of the echelon.or the region in society having had higher education

As this child was, taken away from society,
As the method of harvesting life energy is not known,

But the goal is to create new living beings,
as part of scientific growth.

As a dream voice told me,
a soldier made by matter,
had infinite shooting ability,
as the sole purpose it was
made fit for the job.

As i saw a memory of the
banks of the virtual world.

One that a prince was five years old,
named a soldier firstclass

and was to a mission in old-russia,
to the tsaristic regime,
and had the order to intervene.

Another memory,
the prince of five years old
to a place in russia
where a mall, stores, was in the
midst of a crime.
people in the stores where forced
to give human organs,
as i suppose a triad had a lottery
and one costprice were twenty organs.

As the prince of five,
the day before heard it would happen,
but as with realism, how could.

As water is like time,
flowing from the top to the bottom.

As water is like life,
giving cause to all the living.

As water is like wisdom,
giving thirst a fulfillment.

As water is like religion,
washing the dirty.

As water is like money,
when its used it vapors away.

As a proverb crossed my mind,
The heart seeks happiness.

And a second one,
a goal, reached by effort.

And a third proverb:
Religion gives meaning

And a proverb of a fellow friend
When life fails, seeking starts

When technology enters reality,
the dreamer descends to the use of
objects to retrieve its grace.

As the dreamer is about dreaming
a reality touched by the height
of a scientific civilisation.

As the dreamer is in deep immersed
thought to just see what is a possible
life, where religion touches
the daily life, and wisdom gets
a place in the ranks of the philosophers.

Where the dreamer touchs reality,
the wise books get readers,
as invisible as all paths through
space, getting a ship in past time,
and reaching for the goal of humanity.

A proverb:
A religion asks for an instrument

As the message written in light,
gives form to symbols,
symbols of swans, doves, lions and angels.
swans as princesses of compassion,
doves as messengers of peace,
lions as kings of bravery,
and angels surpassing all existing.

As the message written by time,
gives form to water, which
gives its wisdom in the eye,
and the hand of a devoted adept.

May wisdom and virtue live till
eternity takes time for the next

As time is from thousands of years,
to thousands of eons

As a reality is from thousands of times
to thousands of time.

As thousands of reality,
taken over by eternity.

May the message last
as long as wished for by the Allcreator.

A star as in the journey to eternity,
is filled with the intelligent species,
who take from time to time,
a function in the steps towards,
the goal, the purpose, the way.

As the quest for reaching out
for the goal, beginst with
that humble and reverent action.

Of seeking connection with a goddess,
a goddess of peace, wisdom, and virtue.

And by the act of seeking service
to a religion, a religion,
trancending time, reality, into eternity.

As the most important and precious,
is not gems, not money, but wisdom.

As a goddess of creation,
is only one small step towards,
the All-Creator.
Which concept grows by encompassing more
and more. As even a Creator, is surpassed
by a larger Creator, giving
reality, the layers and gems inside each other,
making reality, and the gods being immeasurable.

As Gayatri, in hindu the goddess of religion,
of wisdom, and married to Brahma.
Is in tribute to the master who commands her
as to guard the veda's, to guard the virtues.
As to guard the higher order in reality.

And true devotion, reaches out for the All-Creator.
Who is named in all native languages,
and thus being spoken free of rituals.
spoken free of foreign prerequisites.

As we speak about religion,
once in a while a dictator calls himself the
allmighty one. as with to much pride.

And sometimes a race capable of dna-alteration,
calls itself a Creator, and feels itself
above all others.

If such a world exist, for decent persons
is almost impossible to follow a religion
and its guidelines.

As with the second insight that the more
a specie is in control by its intelligence,
the harder its to let go, or to surrender.

If such a race gives birth to a honest
person who respects nature,
and birth rights of everyone.
Thus abjecting false creatorhood,
or false dictatorship.

Such a person, or being, chooses
to get birth in a simple civilisation
where such questions do not arise.

As getting birth in a lower science
is source of a honest quest for the
religious purpose or goal.

As when a race calls itself a Creator,
Who will judge them, if even enemies
are with altered dna by them.

Or when a dictator calls himself
an allmighty one, how hard is it
to have faith in the real allmighty one.

for the dictator forces all
to prize him als the one.

So the uncommon ways of the individual,
So the uncommon ways of species bound to truth
and wisdom.
So the uncommon ways of those seeking
refuge and deliverance.

As i recollect from books on planet earth,
that the person of Jesus Christ,
could as well have been from outer space,
getting birth to reach out for a
religious goal.

As he was able to heal, to teach,
and to save people, with abilites,
not for normal humans.

As for the question for after life
he went up in the air to a secret goal.

Which is different from other stories,
where he was just a wiseman giving
his lectures about wisdom.

And died a peacefull death of a life
full of grace. grace of wisdom.

As one of the proverbs,
came in mind.

Without introduction, took birth

This proverb means, that even
if you come from a higher world,
being heaven or advanced one,
when you travel to a new planet,
either to be a paraclete, or an angel,

you don't introduce yourself,
and take the same path, the same birth
as the usual ones.
the usual humanity or other races

As on earth jesus introduced
himself, which gave him and advantage
in comparison with the normal people.

The second explanation is
that if an angel is really
better than the usual,
he or she can without introduction,reach his or her goal.
with the same chances and education
as the normal people in society.

As an introduction,
is the support.

As to come to a planet
without interfering in the natural
civilisation, as well
in the credo of television Star trek.

But not only wise souls take birth on earth,
even they can appear out if thin air,

like in old ages,
when paradsie was on earth,
everyone had food, housing,
and equality as well as friendship were
core values.

In those old ages,
suddenly a magician appeared
in front of a couple of kings and sages.

As the kings ruled with dignity and valor,
and the sages told wisdom without cost.

The magician appeared offered
lifes full of richness, exciting jobs.
As the kings heard, as well as that
living these life would not invade their real lifes.

And sages heard, their wisdom would not leave,
when dreaming about nice girls, and gambling.

And decent laborers heard about dreaming
to be king or from higher caste.

These magicians appeared and offered pleasures,
without interfering real life.

As all kings, sages, and people fell for this

When they started dreaming, they forgot
who they were, and quarrel started,
introducing the demise of a very wise world.

And still, on earth people dream
about better times, forgetting to work at reality.

So these magicians, what will they bring
instead of the illusion.

As a proverb about those times came in mind.

As dreaming of pleasures, waking up by prayer

This proverb means,
when you are immersed in a thought,
when you dream about lifes not real,
waking up gets hard, but by asking
in prayer to wake up, is a refuge
from both good and bad dreams.

As prayer surpasses all in reality.

as a religious proverb came in mind.

By sincere effort, one reaches the abode.

As children hear of proverbs,
they always want to know which proverb
can save a planet or world from demise.

As a proverb about that subject is
mostly immediately deleted when a world
is really going to demise,
as such an action of a world,
is already a choice made by parts of the world.

But one proverb is this:

Surrender to reality,
as the path to service

As to the alteration of dna.
When a race of intelligent beings
unlock the code placed inside the building blocks
of a being.

When they mix the dna of a snake, with
that of their own kind, a new being is created.

This being, in opposite to normal men,
does not search for pleasure or just happines,
but does strive for the perfection in

By this snakeperson, striving for perfection,
is a good instrument to solve the problems
of greater kind.

A snake person, does not care for family,
friendship, hobbies or even a nice life.

A snake person only has the pression
to get perfection, and as ordered
by the master they fullfill their tasks.

As i recollect these snakepersons
where put into fight when a world
is not complying with the mutual agreement.

As a planet is made to slavery,
or just put to work for a bully boss,
and they try to escape the predominance,
the snakemen are put it.

Now as you take this idea of snakepersons,
and the idea that every being is filled by a soul.
And the sole purpose of a soul is to
get happiness in health, wealth and meaning.

As these snakepersons are not longing
for happiness, and do not see happiness in others.
The thought is real that they as in their
way of action, are a bit straight,
not allowing feelings of their subjects to
be in fear, pain, or distrust by what they do.

Snakemen, snakepersons.
Dna alteration in a level on earth
not possible yet.

Dna alteration,
as a way to create soldiers,
not with muscles but the sole
purpose of getting to the goal
by all means possible, by all means
even when not accepted by the society.

And when soldiers of that kind are
being created or build,
they mostly are put in service by
a government, of any kind.

When a government uses these snakemen
to subdue the population,
sometimes a president arises
saying he is above law.

As to safeguard society this proverb
is applicable:

only gods are above law.

The explanation of this proverb is
that even royal families, kings, queens
or princes are not above law, and are
bound to behave according law
in the same manner as the population.

With this proverb, even kings
or queens are not involiable,
or without responsibilty.

If you think this through,
a king can when in crime,
be put into jail.

When some say,
our king is like above
all laws, and is highly respected,
its not because of him they are bound to law,
but all the others, taking law for their own lucre.

As some say there is each day a chance
to change the day.

As some say in the morning choose
the ideas and concepts for that day
to be brought into the mind.

As by the mind, and its inventory,
a day is filled with either good or bad

As in religion they say this proverb.

May the first prayer be in the morning

As well a second one, a proverb

each day a chance for holy service

And a third proverb

We all build a house during life,
as some build a temple or church.

As proverbs can give light to a life,
and some lives are dark, and others filled with light,
this is another proverb.

A source of light is recognized and appraised

As the source of wisdom is sometimes light, sometimes water,
or the pure foods.

And the grace of a religion is by sincere rituals.
As some supreme powers are not acting by rule.

As a religion gives its grace, and tells
their rules and commandments to the adepts.

As some religions, are powerfull.
and only act when the adepts are obedient
to all their questions.

This brought me to the service of
militare auronautiqa, where science, military and space
are conjoined with each other.

As most people think its a matter of space ships
flying around, like star trek, indexing everything
in the universe, or just like movies, putting a stamp
on each world.

But what they don't know is,
when a person lives more than thousand years,
they can have five missions.

And a mission is to be born in a world
needing, influence to change the course
of civilisation. And such a mission dures
the lifetime of the planet they are on.

So when going to earth they get born
in a normal lady, and get normal nurture
and education, and when adult like a
task of consciousness, as a miracle
to fullfill their task,

and some do doubt how someone,
while being nurtured looses memory of lost former life,
and still is able to fulfill the task.

And as when a person lives a thousand years,
and fullfils five missions of about eighty years,
You can see the dedication of the specie
watching over the simple worlds.

As when you get born in a world,
where every creature is in the same manner
born as a baby, raised as a child,
and as adult fullfills either a lifetask,
or just enjoy the pleasures of freedom.

So some youths being educated wonder how
life energy does not get exhausted with
more than two missions.

As most humans know, in childhood
you feel living in eternity,
and in adult in the fourties,
you feel time goes faster,
and the urge to do something with your life,
as society will remember you gets more important.

As an old man, can have the peace,
of having lived his life the good side.

And with the question of life, and lifetime,
as a fairy tale answers, even if you are king
and enjoy the pleasure of power,
when you live with your consciousness,
and awareness always in reality,
the life if regarded as a good life.

Which is applicable to all and everyone.
And awareness has comparable ways to say.

Like every moment being aware what you do,
like eating when eating, walking when walking.
Living with your heart, immersed in meditation,
putting time to a still.

As for all creatures have the quest for a goal to reach
and everytime a goal is fullfilled they get a new one.
As for that highest goal, is reached by surrender.

Sometimes they say surrender is to be named
as the subject is, but in reverence to the quest,
you only name the act to surrender as the goal.

May surrendering to religion, give
life a higher place, a place in the
blue air of stillness.

As for the means of communication,
as on earth they are on the introduction
of the use of quantum particles,
as a method ofsending through

As the benefit of it is
that its a start to end
communication instead of a path-based

When communicating by quantum,
as both particles are paired and equalized,
by any method, as the easiest is
the laser guided pulse based way.

When two particles are paired,
when one is influenced with
a communication range,
consisting of pulses, abit more
complicated than morse.

the other particle is
reacting in phase with the other one.

This start to end, is a bit more
advanced than the pathbased communication.

As even a radio or a radiobased device
is using a path based way,
as the radiation is a wave from the sender
to the receiver.

As with quantum you get to say
that both particles and waves are
a language to describe for what its
really is.

As most people think that with
the digital era, particles,
as being digital, or logical based
is better than waves, or a analogues ways.

Except when looking on quantum level
a wave is easier to comprehend when
the observer influences the process.
As a wave is being natural or artificial changed.

And when a wave has a recorded time lapse,
in the natural way and the changed way,
you easier have the formula on how an
observer influences,

While when regarding as particles,
other advantages are seen.

As fault restriction is easier at particlebased formulas.
And as particles are in phase even simple objects can
come out of molecule printers, or even dna printers
as the basis of transferring life over large distances.

As sometimes they say, only animals and non-selfbased creatures
may be used at dna printers.
with the argument, that animals can be property,
but humans, or others may never be forced to be property.

As sometimes children ask,
how big is the known world,
versus the world being existing without
any awareness.

When i give my answer,
i just give the answer which suits their intelligence.

As we have one universe,
As we live in one dimension.
As we have one or more planets we reside.

Now think as a planet as the core of an atom,
now you know that even the galaxy is just an
molecule inside a molecule.

And with dimensions,
look at the world as a garden being
the playground of a higher world.

As the garden is sometimes the joke
of an intelligent being, holding it as
its private property, for walking in the summer.

As the garden is sometimes a movie set,
entertaining people watching it,
and giving some the unique chance to meet the actors,
as the actora are not playing but living.

As the garden is sometimes the ground
for bad people to learn normal habits and communication.
As this idea of the garden suspects as many gardens that fit on a
normal planet in normal households.

This about planets, galaxies, dimensions and gardens.

As with all comparisons, there are at least three to name
and ten to hold silent.
As the third is the quest for reality.
As some religion name the ultimate reality.
As one gets to know that everything is reality.
Thus even dream life is regarded to be lived in good intents.

As dream life would be part of reality,
you can enlarge the view on reality.

As some say dream life is for retarded people, regarded as reality,
but its the other way around, for the highest of intelligent species
its possible to live dreams as being reality.Living it sincere and serious

With this dream life,
excpet when its played in a computerworld,
its a movie set consisting of real objects, and real persons.
Now regard the dream life of all beings,
being played in a real movie set.

Now when one can think a layer deep,
and suspect more than ten layers deep,
all with the movie set, where the dream plays.
Which is the third description of what existence
consists of.

As in religion there are descriptions.

One is that reality is the highest known concept,
other that indra's net and knots are describing reality.
And the third, my variant, as a proverb,

Consisting of part and whole

Which needs description:

As everything in reality is both part and whole.
part of something bigger, and a whole of what it holds inside.
This is applicable to all in reality,
and gives the significance to think bigger.

And with these small equations on what reality
holds in the vast treasures of time.

Dream life, is as instrument,
surpassed by the approach to reality.

As being one with reality,
gives all chances to get a good life,
and solves all bad karma conflicts,
as when enduring bad karma, releases the penalty.

As when regarding dream life as if being real,
you start living more in line with reality.
And resulting to give up dreaming for
the task of serious living, with all
its happy and suffering it holds.

As dreaming removes the wish to change your life.
As dreaming gives short call to a nice time,
without learning of each wish, each feeling, each situation.

As a proverb just comes around the corner
of a home sweet home.

living serious, gives honest reward

As a second proverb:

Attention to the gods, gives needed alms

as some voice tells a proverb

prolonged intent gives its result
with these proverbs,
some others arose from the collective.

For its sometimes a fight for the justice
to intervene in some cases.

One can let someone pledge these two proverbs.

I accept and respect Law
in dutch: Ik accepteer en respecteer de Wet

I accept and respect Authority and reigning King and Queen.
Ik accepteer en respecteer gezag en de Koning

Some people say when pledging this,
law gives it spiritual protection,
As law surpasses the earthly work.
And royals surpass the individual,
giving everyone the protection of
unity in diversion.
with a system build on personal responsibility

These two for everyone,
and the next two for people being religious.

As for christianty: the pledge
I accept the Lord as my shepherd and saviour.

As for hinduism:
May i be led to devotion.
And regard the Godhead as my teacher

For the garden of life,
is filled with each and every being.
As this garden gives rights to all
inhabitants and gives a place in
existance for all to be aware.

As we look at humans,
they have a biological body
with the length of about a hundred years.
And the vulnerability to be stopped
when rights are violated.

As we look at humans,
and compare to robots,
from metal, from alloy's
We see that boundaries layed in
the design of a specie,
is with intelligent and reasonable cause.

a human becomes a dictator,
and leads his county to the verge of the ravine,
giving all people of his country,
the sole responsability to win power and win the world.

As humans are biological,
and humans have limited lifetime.
there is a maximum of what can be done wrong.

With this in mind:
If on earth robots are made,
and we hold in mind that the terminator,
holds the machinewars to rage on humanity.
Which is a signal of wrong paths to be walked on.

As humans by our Creator we were limited,
but how is our creation limited,
to avert a total disaster.

As when our creation would fall out
of the hands of its owners,
and falls out our controll.
Would our Creator have given,
external instruments to prevent
our race to pass the boundaries
of safe courtmanship on earth.

With the simple answer of machines
to be neutralised by a simple virus,
or a glitch on earthly bio-systems.

As this proverb may be applicable:

For machine wins the war of humans,
and humans reigns with goodness as its guide.

As with all proverbs,
sometimes one translated with bad intents,
and let a horrific idea get foot in wisdom.

As this proverb means,
that machines, as able to be inserted in
all kinds of usefull appliances,
can be used to win the war. the war with
our unknown enemies.

As machines are put in as computerized soldiers,
without any life-core or life-parts,
to defend our humanity, are not bound
by the doubt costing seconds to respond.

And with the second part, as we as humans
let us be guided by goodness, we surpass
all possible bad functions, as goodness
gives all things in life the respected place.

As some races,
even with other lifespans,
and having its beings being nurtured
and at a decent moment having
it getting adult, and responsible.

As all beings are with a lifetask,
either choosen when adult,
received by their parents,
or choosen by society.

When beings are adult,
a choice is made by them.

As every race needs to procreate to
ensure race survival.
There is the choice of serving society,
serving race, or serving a higher cause.

Before children ar begot,
the choice is to have the family life,
or the devoted life.

As a devoted life, is to be started,
before any relationships are sought.

The devoted life, which regards the
gods as the guidance, and the gods
as the goal of life, instead of
the procreation of the race as the goal.

As the devoted life, for all species,
as being existing in the universe,
is the source for fresh wisdom,
and the guide of devotion,
to the knowledge of the
good use of all technology.

As some races say,
a devoted one, speaks free
the sins of all the individuals
by just the creation of the light.

As the devoted life,
as every god wishes,
needs to see the god as the
sole relationship.
Which casts out everyone
not being serious in it.

A devoted one,
can only have one relationship,
as with the god devoted to.

This important choice,
sometimes in some races
is a ritual, being compared to
the first communion

As in old greek religion,
they regarded it as a very special job,
making vestal virgins attending the gods.

But which was abolished because
they were forced to, and when breaking
their pledge were subject to punishment.

As well greek religion,
with god like zeus, were outdated
by the introduction of christianity.

And with all individuals choosing the devoted life,
regarding a godhead as the lifepartner,
gives like a real relationship,
presents to each other,
and asking support of each other,
as well as being intimite,
which in a devoted life
consists of deep prayer.

For a devoted life,
they say angels live of the radiance of the godhead,
and for humans its a bit like asking
presents and gifts in prayer.
This because a gift or present
is to be a surprise, and giving
the love of the godhead.

As well as within a relationship
with a godhead,
the question about upholding and maintaining
each other is to fullfill a task.

As with a godhead,
working for Him is like the
maintaining a life partner,
and prayer is like communicating.

As well a godhead is without gender
or with both gender.
Which gives a genuine relationship.
Adding value to each other.

As from the stepping stone of a
devoted life to the plight of

A proverb was illumined
by the need of ancestors.

The ancestors, rule the children.

This proverb gives the importance
that children sometimes say things
which adults cannot comprehemend.

As long as a child is without a
egotistic leading the ancestors
guide the child.

Sometimes when an important
time is in favor, they choose
to give patriarchs, by the wish
of respecting them, a limited time
in the life of some far offspring.

Which is a sincere choice,
for a good life, can change.

For every person longs for a kind
of a relationship.

Either to form a family,
either to feel the love of a godhead,

As for most people,
once in their life made
the choice.

If you choose, with seriousness,
that you want a lady or man as a life spouse
they say it will come true.

For its a serious decision,
also giving the happiness and sorrow
and the worries of the living
it needs time to choose.

For as a teenager you long for a relationship,
but if you postpone the decision,
you might feel related to religion instead.

Report continued by Agent-Q in Service to the All-Creator
Seed of Light: Lightspeed Communication

The agents of X, the service called by the Agent X persons.
They are within the service the highest in action.

As they have not anymore a name, no function,
and during mission no civil name.

As agency X with the Agent-X,
they are all called agent-X,
as its a service with equal education,
giving them the highest training
fit for the job.

As they say, they are above the black-ops,
and above any special command.

To become an agent-X,
they say even being ready or wishin for it,
attracts the people of agentX to test you,
if you are able and allowed to enter the ranks.

To become an agent-X,
you have no normal life anymore,
as its a total commitment.

To become an agent-X
Your training can be extended
to twenty years before entering
the mission control.

An agent-X is rewarded,
with the passage to heaven,
as its the hardest job in the world.

So as the secret to agent-X,
being like the super James Bond.

As agent-X on the earth,
keeps them human, so don't fear
loosing your human nature.

As this agent-X described the
knowledge he found in the universe,
as an agent sometimes steals knowledge to
entertain his or her homeworld.

As the agent-X ended his description
of the quests for glory in the galaxy.

The agent X reported to a simple person,
longing to write a science fiction book.

For the most precious and shining things,
sometimes lay in the hands of the simple-hearted

So this science book is dedicated
to the fallen officers of Agency-X

So this book as the second part is
the report of an agent-Q.

And as you would conclude,
The agent-Q is one of the Agent-X
who went to heaven, as after a job
the rightfull reward is heaven.
As they say in heaven,
everything learned on earth and in space,
falls into higher order,
and giving the right to share one spot
in heaven with a loving person.

As agent-Q, after being Agent-X
lost identiy, lost citizenship,
as well as the hand of a scientific organisation.

This Agent-Q, as in heaven,
gave the grace to write of unknown books,
of unknown articles, with the unique reason,

to inform about things, from near to far,
from invisible to goodlooking.
from dumb to wise

As awareness is the source of all wisdom,
As consciousness is the bond of every soul,
As attention gives growth to a tree.

As Agent-Q gives wisdom and a glance on
our known universe, and such agency,
as the most difficult but rewarding on earth.

As with habitants in heaven,
you either choose for pleasure,
asthe prize, and then be sent back to earth,

Or you choose to continue working,
as heaven is ruled by the gods,

in heaven you choose a god
to work for, as work is rewarded.

As Agent-Q, was in heaven,
and was of high respect on her job,
she choose to serve the All-Creator.

And as with wisdom,
as one walked the path to peace,
He or She shows the way to one or
more whom are in favor.

As Agent-Q, was in service to
the All-Creator, and this writer,
longs to be a servant of holiness.

Agent-Q, as in heaven, may use the
hands of a wise-man longing
for the unity with the All-Creator.

As the constitution,
gives freedom of speech and religion,
and the freedom to have a bond, either
visible or in spiritual sense with a godhead.

Agent-Q, writes this story,
as the hand of the writer,
give the meaning to this
Agent-Q. as on earth, with not
having joined a special service,
you cannot wear the mark or the name of it.

Thus giving the writer the freedom,
without breaking laws, rules or obligations,
that are prerequisites for agents.

As the writer may have his nickname to be Agent-Q.
As its not an official function or title,
there are no rights justifying it.

As well with the fact,
that when lovely married couples living
very intimite and peacefull with each other
and one of them dies, mostly
the living partner, doesn't break vow,
to search a new partner.

As the partner in heaven,
sometimes shares token of love, and friendship.
As such a relationship can be the
source for a life of love.
And a sharing of love for religion.
As the All-Creator, can only be granted
as subject of prayer, by someone
already knowing Him or Her.

And as some say,
if a god pays friendship to one,
he grants a favor, even without words.

As some on earth say,
when lovely married,
you get a bond, letting each other
feel how the other behaves.

Like identical twins, which can give a bond
of peace trancending the pain of living.

As with the scientific reason,
as a human you can only feel human-feelings.
Which if you have a bond of inter-feeling
like an identical twin, both are human.

Which gives it a humane basis.

As with identical twins,
when one is in fear or danger,
the other can feel it.

As its a bond in feeling,
it surpasses thinking,
and is not influenced by thought.

as scientific research prooves,
a bond in feeling, emotional,
can even persist when in large distance,
or if one of both got pain-relief.

As the story of the star travel to
the all-creator was continued,
and the eye-witness of agent-X was
being told to the author,
there was a reason to not give any names.

As sometimes an author, or someone
in close mission statements
can bring their family in danger,
when using names.

As well as the fear for public opinion,
which gives the reason, to beside
the title of Agent-X to not give
any names.

As agent Q was continuing the story,
and wished to hear the full extent
of all knowledge existing in the universe,

He gave agent X the chance to continue
describing about the universe and
its wonders.

As agent X was in Agency X,
and when compared to human life,
when a special agent of a large nation,
is trained in combat and fulfills
misions, they get rewarded and are respected,
for if they do more than 120 missions,
more than one hundred missions,

When they are not fit for the job anymore,
and have done such a great duty,
they get a medal, and a veteran state home.

As this agent-X was to be compared to
such an agent, except with training
of a level a bit higher, and missions
a bit more dangerous. as Agency X,
not only get mission on earth,
but as humans also throughout the universe.

As the story continues,
and agent X travelled in his life
to all kinds of worlds, planets and star systems.

The danger of influencing the mind,
was being seen and noted.

As your mind if a computer,
as the danger of viruses,
and these viruses can cause a lot of danger

As some people when in contact with others,
connect to their mind.

As a mind virus can cause a world to
be struck in fear and even the
glance of what werewolves do.

As speaking of a mind virus,
a real virus changing dna,

as its possible on earth,
can be bound by contact,
shaking someones hand can transfer it.

And if the incubation time,
is larger than three weeks,
in theory the whole earth is infected.

As with this real virus, changing dna,
can be used for some reasons.

one to make everyone infertile,
two to make a switch when activated
you can even at distance eliminate
one or more individuals.

this second one, as immersing
a small device connecting with
a world grid, and by the authorities
activated, gives a method to force
anyone to what big brother wants.

The third is to give everyone
longevity, increasing lifetime with
thirty or more years.

This third as a birthday gift
for the whole world.

As when the mind is a computer,
or at least a connection method
for getting knowledge.

On earth, mental patients,
got a mind, but one time
in their life, in the past
said that the mind was to
be open to the universe.

And with all antenna's
not restricted to a certain frequency,
you get a lot of signals.

Now this mind, as the open mind,
as the antenna to the universe.

As such an open mind,
receives all kind of stories,

It is cause of suffering,
but a small chance to receive
all kinds of universal knowledge.

As this mind antenna,
receiving signals from the universe,
and as every experience, its
being kept as an ongoing story in the soul.

Making even superior technology,
as a story available for the known world.

As an open mind, is already
be activated by saying may my mind open up.
Saying it either in reality or in the mind.

But be aware as with some stories in books
are horror stories, the mind can give
feelings of fear or danger.
As well your life may be influenced
giving you in the worst case the status of a madman,

As a small idea or explanation,
when beings or entities are able
to telepathical connect,
they can when in to much stress,
loose their energy of the mind
into the universe,like we pee.

and the open-minded beings,
can collect these kind of energy.
As it can all have a function or
be of avail.

This making even telepaths
having a weak side,
that their knowledge is sometimes
opened up.

As some ask, how long to have an open
mind to receive special meanings,
as the answer is not in days or months
but in years.

And as having an open mind,
you loose control of it,
so its a bit a hard job to comply to.

Which literaly gives the feeling,
you experience thoughts, you don't
want to see, you cannot evade,
and you might loose your deepest
philosophy of life you built in your youth.

As some say when meeting open-minded
persons, just tell them to say
to let their mind close.

Sometimes it gives immediately result.

As some agents of X, are telecinetic powered,
there is a special layer of their service,

The layer on earth to closely watch governemnts
of the whole planet.
Not with bad intent, but to prevent
false influence in the leaders.

This layer is consisting of thirty agents,
and one agent can control a region
of five hundred kilometres,
as they watch over the sphere, above the mind
As the mind is just like a radio,
and the sphere above is like
blocking all satellite signals.

These agents,
no one knows how they look,
how they are named,
and when their service starts or ends.

These agents, when intervening
no one notices any difference,
Except the difference that if they
would not exist, sometimes a president
would push that nice button.

The agents, of agency X,
have the method of telepathy and telecinesis,
and as agents called Agent Xi.

the additional i is title for tele-powers.

As on earth important people sometimes have
guards, either private contract or public service
to protect them,

On planets of high command the leaders
are protected to, and are named commanches
As commanches are able to identify a threat in three seconds,
and are trained to neutralise them in twenty seconds.

Then you would say twenty seconds to neutralise a threat,
is very long, but as the leaders mostly have
at max five commanches, and they are trained.
They can neutralise an attack of twenty traitors inside
a covert group.

As a commanche use in our world weapons closely
related to our technology, would use laser beams.
Able with a beam to neutralise fourty items of threat
in the twenty seconds.

Not to speak of other planets with more advanced weapons.
As the commanches are trained, and expert at their job.
And as they can be to five in a surrounding fo a leader.

These commanches, like on earth would be special agents.
And these agents when in service to Agency X,
would be named Agent-Xc
As the additional c stands for commanche.
As with the task to either guard a leader,
or to intervene when a leader is taken by force.

As a third one, expounded by the force of science,
is the Agents busy with the backoffice.
As even a laser beam has the needed technology
from taking it from fantasy to a real world.

As these agents are with technology,
designing, planning and utilizing.
They are Agents in Tecknology
as Agents Xt
The additional t is for technology service.
as well known for the superior way of
inventing, utilizing, probing and tweaking.

As agents X can intervene in all kinds
of worlds, tech agents can adapt technology
to the planet where a mission is needed

Not only discovering and inventing, but
also adapting it for special purposes.

As the agents endowed with the task of technology
they also have the standard rules of influencing
primitive worlds. mostly with art. as art is a
natural method to give civilisations
the protection for all supernatural things.

As these agent-Xt has on earth the art,
enclosed that gives the support.

Like a language that has a talisman
to protect against the evil eye.

As crop circles are their method on earth.
As each circle has a specific power.

Like one, gives respect to the emperor
of the universe, looking like the logo
of the united nations.

another one, as the eye of providence,
in america, has the allseeing eye as art.

A third one creates the sound of silence,
and a fourth one, confirms the artforms
of religions. as in hinduism.

As Agent Xt creates the art needed,
and a small device designs in five minutes
a circle to be painted in a crop or grain field.

As time passes by, new circles are composed,
and placed on planets.

To use these forms of art, just copy them,
and use them in art for your company or living room.

As with form and art in a living room,
and the use of crop circles to give a radiance
to life that transcends the normal daily life.

They say, as is said, that when in deep prayer
about life and asking for a device of high technology,
that even a child, a boy, of fifteen,
in prayer for an advanced device,
made of goldlike material.
Was like a gift of a higher civilisation.
As the boy was in class, the teachers were in
marvel how such an object could appear
in a normal surrounding.

As the object was taken of the child,
its not anymore known where it is,
and why a prayer could grant a special thing.

As they say a prayer to the Creator,
grants things uncommon to normal reality.

As the allowance to pray to the Creator,
was granted by study of the Brahma-Sutras.
as a sanskrit scripture.

As speaking of sanskrit,
they call mantra's and stotra's be the source
of all wisdom. and some say
when i use mantra's for my own selfish interest,
it gives me wealth and superpower.

As a hindu sage says,
the mantra's only get its profit,
when a rightfully brahmana gives it to you
and the mantra is by consecration given
and the adept by initiation is led to
the hands of the godhead.

So when you say i will use all mantra's
and for my own interest, you better
search for a teacher being in function.

With the same idea on visible mantra's
in both symbols like the ohm, and the svastik.

As when you violate rules,
you can get accursed.

as well there is one exception,
when you transgressed from the
normal teacher as a swami, brahmana or sadhu,
to the internal teacher.

As in hindu, when you not need a visible
one, an invisible teacher, the internal one
takes over. Which gives the same idea,
as some hindu use the painted body of a godhead,
as their devoted object,
and others regarding the godhead as
everywhere, omniscient and without body,
do not use art, but a sanskrit mantra or stotra.

As the internal teacher, has possible ways
to grant symbols, mantra's and sanskrit,
without the need of a direct permission
of someone higher in rank.

As the grace of the invisible teacher,
as the one in hinduism, can lead
you to the right symbols. symbols
and prayers to use for personal
devotion. even granting health or wealth.

As with all people immersed in dreams,
and immersed in the beauty of it.

As people dream of better lives,
As dreaming about better times.

Life flows as a water current,
like not washing someone clean,
like not healing thirst.

I dreamt about the life of agent-X,
As he travelled through the universe,
and found technology after technology.

As i dreamt about Agent-X,
and wrote about science and fiction.

About agent X having done more than
a hundred missions in life.

As agent-X fullfilled his duty,
and was granted the so much wished
entrance to heaven.

As even in heaven you have the choice
to keep working, except the commands
come directly from the gods.

As agent-X after very dangerous missions,
and his unpredicatble death,
came in heaven, and choose to serve
the All-Creator.

As some think as a special agent,
you continue, saving and keeping.
But in heaven a job is like
writing about wisdom, and giving choice
for surrender.

As this special agent in heaven
was AgentQ, and gave each planet
the choice to surrender.
To that just source the Allmighty one.

Some say, we not comply in such a wish,
for our lives are dear to us.
Except when the agent leaves,
mostly every being, continues living,
without remembering the precious gift.
The precious chance.

As i dreamt about heaven,
some say you steal things out the
real heaven, as its the choice
to either keep it in your heart,
or to sell it to the mind and loose
it in reality.

As i dreamt about heaven,
and found that fountain of life.
As the surrendering to the Allmighty one,
is like finding the source of water,
replenishing your life energy.

As i dreamt i found that
each and everyone has the choice
withouth others giving conditions

As in the skin of agent-Q i surrendered
to the Allmigthy One,
i understood that acting was not obliged
and that acting in life is always
with a purpose.

And even without acting, i was
searching for the quest of life

As the quest most important,
of both ending pain and misery,
of the soul, spirit, and body.

As the quest most important,
to give wisdom to a world in demise.

As the quest most important,
to keep the most precious hidden,
as the source of every child,
by teaching it to all.

As the quest most important,
and telling about the essence of religion,
as the service to a Godhead,
as well as asking in prayer for salary.
sometimes with form, other times as an
open question for radiance.

As in the dream i landed on earth,
and spoke with people about life,
about living and about the living ones.

As in th dream i was in the skin
of some very rich person,

I saw the burden of life,
of money not giving peace,
of art very expensive not very beautifull,

I saw the good things of life,
of food delicious,
of girls very pretty

I saw the quest for glory,
spending at philantropy,
as well as buying broke out countries,
for granting a society of peace.

I saw the super rich as
being sincere in religion
and always asking in conscience.

I saw the superrich,
as they had a invisible role in society.

As agent X was in the mission and the quest,
in a past life on earth he was
born as a freemason,
and some who read his mind,
called him a master-mason.

He on earth was an esteemed man,
and still some families search
for his former and next births.

As one was a soldier first class,
in a very high family,
and was as a child lost during a mission,
as that family was amazed a little
so called prince could wish a mission.

As another birth was born in a
family of generals and high army people,
as he was with more than a hundred
missions with succes.
As he was betrayed by his wife,
and when in contact with is
close twin was forced to be
a divergence.

These agents and persons
of high valor, have existed,
but still some say it was a
nice day dream from a person,
longing for a place on earth.

And when speaking about,
there was a hostage in
a country near Russia,
and people in a mall, were
asked to give body-organs
and a small boy of five,
was with honor,
as he offered his, in exchange
for all the others.

As some other girl,
in a country near france,
at the age of six,
wanted to be given to the royal family,
as she thought after education,
her good deeds would be added to the royals,
which in old times was a method
to grant goodness to the royals.

This agent X, among other agents,
other important persons,
He could even say,

In the superrich family,
they had the philosopy,
as a child heard,
that normal people on earth
do not live with their consciousness,
thus having lower karma,
and her family as unbroken with reality,
thereby had the grace of richess.

This girl felt sorry,
as every living being is endowed with a soul.

As a wish she wanted to be born, or replaced
to a situation in a decent and just home.
As she later learned,
a rich family grants all members to
spend it either the good or bad way.

as in the rich family she could
be regarded as a peacekeeper.

As one small step from
earth to space,
they had as well a story,
in the same line of events
As the son of Gaudi,
the greatest philosopher,
was lost during youth.

And his father still grieves and mourns,
about his son, and even had to
put down his work of wisdom.

The son of gaudi,
some say you can compare with either
Ghandi, Gautama, or the designer Gaudi.

Gaudi, was by his wisdom,
made to an emperor,
and made to be a king.
Of just reigning.

As they still have this proverb:

Each gold starts with Gaudi

As this proverb gives a second as its mate.
which is, as all know when a mate is found
happiness is bound to both.
As one makes a mistake the other makes it good,
and if the other is in a bad mood,
the one gives it a glance.

This second proverb is:

A mate, shares good and evil

As when you have a mate,
and you share intentions,
by the act of being intimate.
some say a mate is thereby rejected
if in search for the highest good.
And a third proverb:

A god as mate, gives goodness as gift

As for the quest for glory,
as simple persons say about a noble task,
as space command has the quest for reaching
by star travel the All-Creator.

As space command, with their knowledge knew
about agent X, stealing all the technologies,
from their special files.

As agent X, the predeseccor of agent Q.
Was also telling about things unknown
on the simple flat earthliners.

Agent Q descibed that when in life,
in service as an agent learning things,
and fullfilling missions, you get
knowledge you may not impart.
and making it to heaven, it gives
a source of ever-replenishing water,
as agent Q, without contract was allowed,
to bring all information in the way he liked.
and to where he liked.

As sometimes in heaven you say Agent X as a lady,
and agent Q as a man. but both do not cover the given names

As agent Q, or Agent X, because when rewarded in heaven,
give the choice to give all acquired grace,
to whoever is in favor.

And Agent X, in her life, was coupled to a
simple person, who just choose to endure the
life of suffering, as it was a penance of the gods.

For when in search for a solution,
and none is found, only the peace of heart,
is found by acceptation, and enduring, or bearing.

As a philosophy tells.
Even when in life, no special status is given,
and a life looks like with to fruits,
even by being one with reality,
one reaches the goal, with comparison
of someone with a full fruitfull life.

As this proverb came in mind:

Being one in reality, already is work

As when in heaven, many people want to know
how life is there. or when to come there.

And in heaven, who or what pleasures there are.
Or how in heaven by condition to be sent back to earth.

As agent X heard, when on earth you do
the job with valor, as agents act with valor,
she would acquire heaven.

As not many know, that the Agency X,
is accessable to all who wish to pay the price.
And who by a long exam on all subjects,
been selected makes the life full with
missions incomprehensible to others.
as the reward is the entrance to heaven.

As almost every religion knows,
the top of all jobs is rewarded by heaven.

As agent X was the top of police services,
and the writer wanted to reach the top of a devoted life.

As wisdom is silver, and deep prayer is gold.
as each prayer is a noble gem, and deep still attention
is like a pearl found swimming in the see of religious service.

As the mating with other people gives the
sharing of karma, as its by intercourse.

As karma is shared an divided in two.
By a relationship with a mate,
the goal is not reached.
for having the gods as mate
gives the steady growth of karma.
Untill the goal is reached.

As the writer, in heaven bound
to the Agent Q, and on earth with
a relationship with the All-Creator.
gives this wisdom, as a gift
from dedication.
May the AllCreator judge

As with most relationships,
a high officer of a police service,
when at home with wife and children,
protects his relationship by not talking
about severe subjects, or telling about
things giving insecure feelings.

as this proverb:
As on earth and heaven alike

Ofcourse one can ask,
in heaven a relationship with a fellow soul,
and on earth with the All-Creator,
is it not a contradiction.

As when in religious books, is stated,
angels do not marry and are not given to matrimony.
but angels can have good friends.

As the story on Agent X, continues,
and by telling about best friends,
on earth other friends are still in attention,
One can ask, howso, and why this way.

As the story about AgentX, serves a purpose.
As the writer needs the information to be written,
from a source being befriended.

As Agent X as the source, can have
a friendship with the writer,
and She already is in heaven.

The friendship in heaven is not
contradictory with friendships on earth.

As both are on a different plane,
and platonic friendships are not
opposite to others.

As the proverb:

Married to the All-Creator, i made many friends

As the paradox of Agent X as a best friend,
when a twin feels each others feelings of pain and fear,
they are bound by family ties.
As a best friend on earth, shares the same feelings.
Its a soul mate, being supernatural to normal
friendships and relationships. By which Agent-X is bound.

And with the connection with a soulmate,
as all persons, by getting birth
get a chance to either relieve a debt,
to enjoy a life filled with riches or fame,

Or just to search for a higher goal,
and the soulmate, found by the sincere
use of religion.
As its something above earthly wishes.

A soulmate, who shares a bond of feeling and consciousness.
As well as the same character and personality.

Except by birth and nurture, the character
can be utilised in a better way.

As when a person uses his intuition,
in a world of logic, its almost being weak or retarded,
and in anothet world of sensitive persons,
its like being a sharp and compassionate being.

As the difference in the use of human power,
its always, the choice how to use
ones talents.

As agent Q, the soulmate of the writer,
was a superb agent, and the writer
was a bit weak, or being modest.
No one can imagine that
the character in an agent is a expert one,
and the writer is the total opposite.

And this gives the thought, that even
a sensitive person can have a total
character which is very unique.

As the star travel to the All-Creator,
always is like a quest without visible
directions, its like in search
for a chest of gold coins, being hidden
by a very rich pirate.

As the star travel, was started with
the crown and top of every workfield.

With ships capable of being in travel
for centuries, and with the possiblity of
subtime travel ,as well as having a hidden
defense of subspace.

As the ships were equipped with
all kind of technologies.
From dna-printers with a library of
dana subsets, and the ability to
convert dnata to a understandable pattern.

And to pilot the ships the best of
all agents were used.

From the use of persons,
being trained in telepathy,
as sometimes Xi or Xo is being named.

As one is the passive the other the active

From the use of persons ,trained in
subtime travel with the use of the mind
as flight computing.

As sometimes with difficuly missions
android agents are used for close contact
with all kinds of danger.

As other agents are used, who
can in a certain situation,
manufacture objects of use.

The star travel with the best ships
were like the intention of the
reigning kings, the sacrifice
of their best property.

As we all know a travel to the All-Creator
needs our best effort, our most sincere intention.

As we all know, the All-Creator,
is very wise and good, and only elects
the best of all who adress him.

As this star travel and Agent X,
were coupled to each other.
As the travel was done by the crème de la crème

And the report of agent X, was to
inform all in living conditions
about this special travel.

The agency X, as compared to the
guards of the emperor, were appointed
the task to make the star travel known.

As the Agent X, as in the task of
making it known, was send to the writer,
to inform about the most important
quest of higher civilisations.

As the Agent X, was giving the
particle of all in the quest,
to just make the All-Creator known.

As on earth we know that the gospel of christ
was to be teached at the whole of our world.

As the mercy of christ was to be offered to
all, everywhere who longed for it.

As this agency X was like a christlike
happening, not a person but a quest for
reaching out for the All-Creator.

Some are still arguing, is Christ
more important or this specie with their
quest for the All Creator.

And arguments which are used are,
When Christ teach us to surrender
to Him and the Allmighty one,

And the written report of the Quest,
tells about technologies,
and is about things happening
far away.


As for the quest of space command with star-travel to
the All-Creator, and the gospel or message being
told everywhere in the universe.

This quest for being a royal quest,
received from the people the full allowance
to be formed, and the royal house gave
their blessing and their star experts
to make the travel as easy as could be.

As for humans the best technologies
would be the dna printer, the object printer,
and the use of chemical projection.

As the dna printer, makes from subsets
named Dana, as the name coupled to it.
With subsets with greek names like
Athene, Artemis and Zeus.

As well the object printer able to
print with all chemical compounds,
a precise object. even
compared with human technology
to print a whole mri scanner
or a industrial robot needed to
compile cars or small planes.

The use of chemical projection,
still a method not being disclosed.
but able to project small quantum computers
. and making them persistent.

As the travel of a starquest
like a seatravel of Columbus,
not to find new civilisations
or new grounds,
but to search for that
ultimate existence of the All-Creator.

As for the quest to the startravel,
as being the reason to study all
existence in their homeground,
and their deepest intents.

As the quest is more than
just a travel for intelligence
is to be studied.

For this quest is about things
above knowlegde and reason,
an being science fiction,
giving the writer and author
the feeling to use his pen
to write of forms of science
in the sense of language.

When on a planet,
full of hell creaturs,
their religion was
that from persons the
soul, mind and body could
be divided and cut loose,
and the rule the moment before dead
they were given back and bound to
each other.

As well the rule that even a queen,
was loosing her soul and a snake
took her body to ensure
evil rights.

As well the method to
surrender to someone,
and from within conquer the other

As well the method of
the person being a natural,
being haunted by
telepathics on purpose
giving by visual feelings
of large discomfort and feelings
of total panic.

As for the simple reason,
as to appear in a social

As well as giving a person
longing for a platonic
a forced relationship
with a lady full
of diseases.

This kind of treatments
in this hellworld
is more than a good person
could bear.

As well as i noticed
a government project,
giving convicts after
death penalty a
person immersed in water,
making them speak about
the level between death and
hell or heaven.

A project asking them,
describe what you see
after death, we take you
every two weeks into
this person, and by mind
or speech you can tell.

The agents in this project,
immersed with their face in water.
and bound to a chair.

As well when good persons die by enemy,
and their soul wanders
through the known world,
evil people speaks in the air,
and haunts their souls,
that even they are outcast
with their soul

As well people without
a relationship,
marrying a lady,
and being brought to a far
away country on the surgical table
loosing in pain all organs
for twenty million,
the lady taking the money
and searching a new subject

As a small example on what
methods are in effect
in some worlds we despise,
and we even say it can never happen
on a planet with intelligent human life.

As these small examples,
as the source of suffering.

These small examples let me think
about the king of heaven
as in hinduism being Indra.

As he riding on an elephant,
is in doubt if persons like
ganesha, humans with elephant head
are his characteristics,
or that he is a normal human race,
and making the elephant a symbol of
certain virtues or marks.

As the king of heaven Indra,
being the subject of a blessing
of Brahman winning the war for Him.

This king of heaven,
as he is as well placed in
this universe, and as before
Alexander the Great,
the Indra-Gupta was reigning the
whole of India.

As its still a question if Indra
can grant peace and a good society
alone by respecting him as a Hindu God.

As even a race travelling through
space can be subject to the power
of a Godhead giving its devotees
a time of favor, a boon of reaching out
to the goal of religion,
learning to know the name of the highest godhead.

As even the Omnipotence a name in hinduism
can grant wisdom without boundaries.
And the quest for the Highest Lord is one
of a sincere and honest kind.

As in Hinduism the Omnipotence,
and All-Creator are merely a characteristic
of the Brahman, who is in nirguna even
the essence without name and form.

For compared to human words,
a form is always less then the whole universe,
and a name is bound to a person or creature
with a lifespan and place.

For compared to human words,
searching Brahman, is a holy quest
as he in our eyes protects all walking
the path towards his House.

For compared to human words,
the religion is the only source
being the difference between
a wheel used for a grainchariot
or a chariot for raging wars.

For compared to human words,
the only bond in the universe,
is by religions being given to
all starting worlds. like
the hindu religion holds many secrets,
only unveiled by those searching with
their full time.

Asi heard from a subspecie guarding a part
of this universe. as i recollect they
were humanlike but with a snout of an elephant.

They when i met them said,
we have human like capabilities,
but with our brains we are not bound
like humans to do one thing at a time,

As an example we while driving a car are
not only able to talk and drive,
but even able to operate a computer
with a keyboard at the same time.

As they sometimes even have more than two arms
they can operate them at the same time
with full power.

This subspecie can with their elephant heads,
use their intelligence far higher at function
then we with ours.

As this subspecie, one of the many
inhabitants of the universe,
was just once when i did a part
of my own education.

As in the past at egyptian times
other species looking like humans
were appointed as well.

As the easiest way to describe dna
changed beings is by painting their
function at the bodies.
making a human with lion dna
as a sculpture of the sphinx.

As many species in the universe
above a minimal level of intelligence
is able to communicate at interplanetary
levels with all other species.

And as soon they make contact they
have protocols how to adress other species

This did gave me a thought that a kingdom
of humanlikes in space heard about earth
and wanted to visit, as their diplomacy said
we have to send a ship with defense capabilities,
but the royals of them heard about this human race,
and wanted to make a leisure trip towards earth.

The disappointment ofcourse earth not being
friendly to strangers.

As when such ones appear on earth its the question,
will they survive, but without the ability to contact
no one knows what happens with such ones
As we on earth like jails for persons of evil,
have societal protocols for how to handle
all from outer earth.

As i always say to individuals in danger,
if possible let loose your body and fly back
only with your soul.

As well that the method to leave strangers at
certain spots is used for condemning individuals too
making them guinea pigs for sciences.

As the quest for finding the All-Creator,
continued and brought the spaceships of the Star-Travel
the goal to travel the many dimensions,
like a garden of a home is like a dimension,
and a whole country is like millions
of dimensions all with borders the inhabitants
never discover.

As the travel continued and we in space
allways travel with fusion motors and
the method of catapulting through
the vastness of the uncoordinated spacedeserts.

Like the first one brings the map of the
new world, and only the visitors have a view
on how the world at the other end looks.

As the same in space, except
without a good engine the life of a human
would already be ended before meeting
a habitated region.

As almost all species expect to find
sentient life with other characteristics
than their own appearance in the mirror,
but as yet with some animals like dogs
there are many kinds of just one type

This means on every habitated world,
there is almost one specie like humans,
and they in space hold many friends
with the same look, thus even searching
for other kinds, is not always the only
thing to find.

As a writing on the builders race was
explaining the source of all
human sorts and kinds on earth
came from different places when
earth was created and changed for
living as the human specie.

The builders race still being a secret
that not many know, and not many
find in the quest for glory.

This builders race able to
create and change matter,
in a blink of an eye.
and able to habitate a planet
by just a seven days progress.

This builders race,
able to create matter,
not in a jar or spoon,
but in a region one seventh
of a planet.

Not many know where to find
those builders as they have
a quest for us still hidden,

Will we ever find underneath
the earth the hidden gems
they left just to be found.

The hidden gems, of a book
inside the matter of energy
which speaks about many
wisdoms, both in philosophic,
both in social, and both
in spirituality.

As the builderrace even
did hide sciences in the grounds
below ower houses, below
our birth grounds.

As the hidden gems,
as waypointers in the
sacred scriptures,
just waiting to be found
without the stains of history.

As with the builder race,
there were human guards appointed
each five hundred years one.

They were able to controll
the growth of human species
on earth.

And they did guide our
transgression of
a primitive culture
to a science based

These guards of humanity,
they are invisible to the
normal people
even when they arrange
new cultures, new traditions.

And when suddenly a scientist
gives a discovery to the world,
with large scientific breakthroughs
as the industrial start of time,
as well the wheel and the electric
use of it as an engine able
to move thousands of miles.

The flymachine of leonardo,
and the discovery of vaccines
to cure evil diseases.

As we still in the future
have the discovery of
chemical printing,
not with one kind of alloy,
but with ingredients
as many as a dish of food holds,
when made and packed for all markets.

As these guards of humanity
not show in public,
and never use a name
be known to any.

As these things are under
the sun, but still being veiled
by the eye of science.

As science is still being visible
and still being recognized.
but when quantum enters our
sciences, the things change
from humans able to see
this is a computer, that a printer,
to a silver disk consisting of
all functions.

Science as a new religion
as they talk about.

Asking the computer the
best way to handle all kinds
of problems and to discover
the path through space,
without the steps of past

travellers to be guided by.
These Guards of humanity
better speak of with respect
for they might even save
us from the peril in space.

As all children need
the highschool attendant
to refrain the bullys from
making their kingdoms to
rule the class.

As the quest for the All-Creator
sometimes normal godheads name
their power to be dependent on
this Highest creator.

As the quest for godheads,
to have their source as well
as there is no creature
without being part of a structure.

As in hinduism they all are bound
by the Brahman,

As the angels in christianity are bound
to the Allmighty one or Omnipotence.

As sometimes words in different languages
looks as different but are describing the same.

As once on a planet were the religions
all were being subdued by a small group
of reigning people.

As they gave the people the idea
that when religions are subdued
the atheistic of logical rule would
be as the golden rule which gave
all treasury not to the people
but to them.

As when visiting the new world in
around 1800 the priestkings of
the indian cultures also proofed
their power to be the leading class
obliging the citizens to assist
in religious duties.

As this kind of use of power
is seen everywhere.
even when a autocrat is being
taken off his position
the next one the first couple years
acts in unity with the people
giving poverty health and all
good virtues a voice in
the leading of a nation
but after a couple of years
they themselves diverge from
their choice of ideals.

As sometimes when seen in a new
world, like the communists when
they gave all tsarists the penality
and the working class would get
unity as no one was anymore
above or below any other in hierarcy
and the right of owning property was
not anymore a problem.

As all those ideals begin in
a good fashion, and no one knows
why after ten to twenty years
problems of the same kind arise.

As with all dynasties, made by the actions
of a single hero. and the upkeep
of the hereditaries.

As some students ask,
why keeping a dynasty if
all people know its diverted
from the ideals of the first one.
the hero.

And as i say the answer,
they get a dynasty as
a sign of reverence
to the hero being source of it.

And sometimes they think of
life force originating from
the first one, which would
give a a heightened coordination.

As the quest for the ultimate
question and the answer keeps
all living beings busy.

As we would suspect animals
from being primitive
and making in their mouths
the same sound always,
except in their thoughts
they say all kinds of things

For a form of understanding all
living beings, is bound
by the linguistics of a single
intelligent form.

For in our eyes, and ears,
a fly makes no sound,
and for the eyes of the upper kind
of our specie, we as well
are talking in one sound,
without giving meaning.

For technology gives all
kinds of prosperity,
but the use is sometimes
clouded by the bad intents.
As giving war, famine, and disaster
sometimes without cause.

As when as an agent being
sent as a quest for intell,
we visit a lot of planets
and noting their level of

As one planet,
the embryo of a female
behind the belly,
was inside untill it
was ready by own intent.
Some carrying life for a tenfold years.
and the longer, the more royal the newborn
would be.

As another planet,
the cube which the embryo
was placed in teached
even a thousand languages
during its stay inside.
as the difference between
natural birth and artificial keeping.

As well the specie able to
have telepathic abilities,
when they get a new embryo,
they can shield all
telepathics for their new lifeform.
as all kinds of noise are only
blocking the growth of it.

Ofcourse except the telepathic
sounds of the future parents.

As a small part in the dictionary of
technology of all known races
was about Tesla,
who invented the electricty in a
part of the used fashion.

He was in his last days searchin
for wireless energy transfer.
As when he experimented
the lights flickered more than once
during his investigation.
The lights in all the city.

Searchin for wireless energy
he found by the use of
a specific ceramics the
appliance he sought for,

As the energy source was
by ceramics able to reach
a distance of 10 meters,
and the consumers appliance
with the size of a normal
adapter able to catch the energy.

With the function that the
energy field without surging
did not loose any energy,
as a safe method.

Ofcourse bright spirits
in technlogy are not that
widespread and the technology being
not of mediocrity always
is being kept private.

As some culturefreaks still say
that even the pyramids are built
on top of a large earthly
force field, of which not
known the direct influence
for all who stands or live
on top of it.

As well the ocean life
being of more than the normal

The dolphins with sonar
even connecting at distance
with all beings endowed with minds.

The dolphins as communicating
with our minds and spirits.

As they live in the ocean
without language known,
they have no good or evil
because what lives naturally
cannot be diverting from
natural functions.

As these dolphins can
heal our minds in a quick
and natural way.

As with the whales,
being of enormous size,
with brains larger than ours
may be keep the noosphere in
a healthy fashion.

As the elephants communicating
with low resonance, the whales
communicate by the special frequency
keeping earth in the mind
by a boundary of reason.

As large animals communicate
by a basic tone or frequency,
we can as well step to the size
of planters, solar orbs and the
kinds not yet known.

Earth by gravity sending a
tone and frequency on a
circular way to the outsides of
the planet, and as well the tone of
gravity as the message into the

As the tone of Earth reaches saturn or pluto
it gives its radiance and its tone.

As other planets, mars, venus, mercurius
have their frequencies,
and their tone on earth is like the
unhearable sound, as a sound without
move is not anymore visible.

The sounds of the planets combined
are like the astrological predictions.

As all the people on earth have
a character, a soul and mind
and all in a subset by either
control of the parents, the birth form,
the soul of conception or the daily fashion
of the musical play of all the planets.

The tone of planets, including the tone
of the sun, which is easy to grasp
as most beings feel more content or happy
when sunlight enters the eye.

These planets and solar orbs,
contain the tone of their special
virtue as to say.
making Mars the war god,
and to make mercurius the
god of communication.

As their tone also can
be the awareness bond of the planets
one can as in the far past
regard the planets as gods,
and even use in a kind of prayer
to them.

As the roman empire would be led
by Mars,
and the greek named their version
of the gods.

As i recollect,
there was a world where
they used the art of virtual reality
bound by a computer made of insect tissue

As all the people having leisure
entered the virtual world
they never noticed that
their own brains were being influenced.

Like a virus disease one finds out
after a month.

As they entered virtuel reality,
they were asked questions,
with what jobfunction do you want
what to do with positive karma,
and which religion, and language
do you want to speak.

When entering virtual reality,
they being feeling happy,
but when uncommon hardship enter
their lives they begin doubting
their leisure.

As other worlds have a kind
of virtual reality too,
they are having a council
to overseer all the possible
problems and violations
of soul and its essential laws.

For a world to use virtual reality
its a natural wish to experience
a copy of life which is not their own,
but when it goes te wrong way,
a smart and wise person is needed
to show all the suffering of
those lost souls.
as they got lost in that

As well the world
were is was a special favor
of higher kind,
sometimes by the royal family appointed
that the body might be altered

one treat was the use of liquid metal
drawn around the brain, which would
give expert protection to this
very vulnerable part.

another was the use of
an alloy which was drawn
around the whole body,
as it first was skin scraped off.

Both treatments,
in our value was a violation
of humane reason.

As the brains being protected
the person experienced in the
first month pain and rare
feelings as well actions,
but after a month they suddenly
got normal and even intelligent
above their usual level.

As well the alloy,
they died within two months,
because it was a personal favor
no one stood up against it.
they all still believe
the favor was of higher kind.

As well the method of photonic probing
as we know in the oceans at earth dolphins
are able by sound to probe other fish
as well the surface of the sea

This photonic probing works
by sending a light beam,
only one photon large
and is able to as of to speak
with a photographer the kind
the size and the source of all
that is beamed on.

This photonic probe works
as if its both a light, a photo
and an intepretation at the same time.

As photonic probing is used
by some civilisations in space
as even pointing a beam at
three spots on a planet can
already proof the height of
the specie living there
as well there use of material
sources and the habitat of their living.

As photonic probing connected to a
device able to artificially guiding
a process, is used for early investigation
of all kinds of uses.

As on earth they early see if
earthquakes appear somewhere
this photonic probe is a
similar kind of method except
of higher kind.